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Through my instructors and guest speakers, I have learned so much about how things really work on a global level — from what happens in secret negotiations between world leaders to what sparks a revolution in the streets of a repressed nation. This has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Lara S.

Student, EXPLO Foreign Affairs

Our son had an amazing time and we have seen such a change in him since his EXPLO experience. He is more independent and inquisitive and more focused and responsible. He really enjoyed his courses, and also the opportunity to perform and present in front of his peers.

Joseph C.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

You have an awesome program. At first, I was a little leery due to the cost. After [my daughter] attended, I knew it was the best investment I have ever made.

Norman R.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

This was an amazing experience that has definitely helped me grow as a person. I will forever be thankful to EXPLO for its impact on my life both in short and long term skills.

Rachel B.

Student, EXPLO Orthopedics + Sports Medicine

In the middle of breakfast, you can sit down with a group of people you might not have talked to before and have an awesome conversation about anything! When I’m at EXPLO, I feel at home.

Regina S.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

The fact that they can take every experience – in the classroom, in their dorms, even at the cafeteria table – and implement those experiences in the real world… you simply can’t put a price on that. EXPLO can be expensive for our family. But we have walked away saying “this was well worth it.” Every. Single. Time.

Sally Jo L.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

We felt that program was well suited for every student from every part of the world, regardless of cultural differences. The staff made all feel welcome and part of a group.

Rita G.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

The faculty structure the class so you can really enjoy it… All of it is creative, all of it’s applicable, and all of it can be used in the real world. As much as it’s challenging, I looked forward to every moment.

Ryan O.

Student, EXPLO Foreign Affairs

While in a safe environment you can introduce yourself and make a ton of new friends, and just keep learning, not only about others, but yourself as well.

Rylee K.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

When your child is willing to wake up early in the morning to not miss the bus, and wants to stay every night for evening activities, you know that they are having a good time and feel that they belong to a community that they want to spend time with each day.

Binu A.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

The people at EXPLO were passionate about global issues, art, science, etc. I feel like I went around the world in three weeks. They were such diverse, open, wonderful people to spend three weeks with.

Bonnie A.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO introduced new beliefs and ideas to my child, helping her to come out of her comfort zone, try new beginnings and be a better person that will play her part in making this world a better place to live in.

Amaya R.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

It is great that EXPLO takes place on a college campus. For the first time, I now feel ready for high school.

Stephen B.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

EXPLO did exactly what I hoped it would – expanded my son’s horizons.

Susan B.

Parent, EXPLO Emergency Medicine

I had never dissected a pig’s heart before. I got to see the muscle, the tendons, the aorta, and the ventricles. It was totally epic.

Taylor L.

Student, EXPLO Emergency Medicine

The trips were hands-down awesome. I mean, there are some things I did I would’ve never done if I hadn’t chosen to attend EXPLO. New experiences that completely changed my outlook on the world.

Victor P.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

It is awesome that we can talk with professionals from out in the field of veterinary medicine first hand. I really like how interactive EXPLO is, like when were able to listen to the dogs’ breathing, check their pulses, and swab their cheeks. It was awesome.

Will G.

Student, EXPLO Veterinary Science

I went to the STRATUS Center at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital for the first time. There, we learned how to intubate with a laryngoscope in a hands-on simulation. And that was just one field trip.

Gerard T.

Student, EXPLO Emergency Medicine

She loved EXPLO Ortho so much that I asked her if she was interested in pursuing a career in sports training or physical therapy. She quickly replied, “NO. I want to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon now!” I was speechless and knew at that moment how EXPLO truly changed her life.

Daisy C.

Parent, EXPLO Orthopedics + Sports Medicine

It’s okay to be who you are when you’re at EXPLO, and to be interested in whatever you want to try. EXPLO is a truly amazing place.

Mayze T.

Alum, EXPLO at Wellesley

After leaving EXPLO I looked at the world differently and I can truly say EXPLO has made me a better person.

Emily S.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO Mini helped my child build self-confidence and practice social skills. EXPLO is such an excellent program. He always feels a real sense of belonging. It gives him the courage to be himself.

Cinta W.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

I love EXPLO because this is a place that says “Yes, and…” to everything. There are no ceilings to what you can accomplish at EXPLO.

Chris H.

Faculty, EXPLO at Wellesley

The thing I wish most is why can’t school be like EXPLO. School is just like, “Book. Open. Read. Write.” EXPLO is the complete opposite. There are no demands that end in period marks. It feels like one big creative paragraph.

Prode R.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

The staff had such a positive and motivating effect on my child. They went out of their way to help him feel secure in the EXPLO environment and he was always excited to be there.

Matthew R.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

Our daughter enjoyed it so much that we signed up for another week. Well organized, engaging, enough down time and excellent food choices.

Michael G.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

I had the best time of my life. I made amazing new friends and met people from places I didn’t even know existed. Also, my classes were different from school and really fun!

Cole G.

Student, EXPLO Mini

EXPLO is well thought out and well worth the tuition. The course offerings were just right and everything we wanted our daughter to gain from the program was accomplished and then some.

Naiya P.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

Thank you! My child had a terrific week and I believe he is a more motivated learner because of EXPLO.

Russell P.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

We deeply appreciate the incredible depth and richness of the curriculum. The incredible diversity of choices offered to the children throughout the day is impressive!

Sagita D.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

While the classes at EXPLO taught me about print journalism, psychology, and diversity, the experience itself prepared me for the marvel of college life.

Noelle B.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

I really love everything the program has to offer. Between meeting new people from around the world, to having responsibilities and learning to be independent and confident, EXPLO is a great place to go while growing up.

Sergio O.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

I’ve never been able to see the world from so many different views at once.

Shayna S.

Student, EXPLO Foreign Affairs

It was a fantastic experience. My son, at first being anxious as an international student, felt completely at home. His English improved tremendously and returned with a better understanding of American culture and community.

Shin Y.

Parent, EXPLO English Immersion

One of the reasons that I love EXPLO is that everyone is very kind and everyone accepts you for who you are, and they respect you even though their interests may be different.

Sofia S.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

People forget sometimes that you can try something new “just because,” and then find something you absolutely love because you tried it.

Sarah F.

Faculty, EXPLO at Yale

Everybody is so open, nice, and easy to talk to. I was nervous meeting a group of new students but they’re just so fun! It’s much easier to make friends at EXPLO than at school.

Terrence Q.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

I met so many new people who had the same passion as me. I learned about the human body and its ligaments and joints; I learned a lot about people and how to balance fun with focus and sociability.

Tess D.

Student, EXPLO Orthopedics + Sports Medicine

EXPLO was a pivotal point in our children’s life that definitely changed their course for the better.

Tracy N.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

EXPLO is about finding new ways to learn about different things. Also learning about different cultures, different people, and the different things you can do that you didn’t know you could do.

Veronica E.

Student, EXPLO English Immersion

It’s just been so cool to try all this different stuff! For example, I’ve never done street luge in my life. It was a whole new experience to see and completely different from what I do at home.

Wasley F.

Alum, EXPLO Mini

I loved how at EXPLO we are able to pursue our passions – or maybe even look for them – through a plethora of available classes. In my case, the fantasy writing course helped me find my passion for creative expression, while my venture capitalism class reassured my desire to become an entrepreneur in the future.

Yuki P.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

EXPLO became such an influential force for [our child], further shaping her into what and who she will become.

Sharif A.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO was one of the best experiences of my school career. I came back from my first summer at EXPLO a much more mature, independent, social and open-minded person.

Zoe K.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

I love EXPLO because it allowed me to grow as an individual and as a member of an academic, social, and international group. My EXPLO experience has made me more responsible and independent, but, most importantly, EXPLO taught me to be proud of all of my quirks and to be happy with who I am.

Zoe K.

Alum, EXPLO at Wellesley

It was seriously the best thing I’ve ever done. It taught me that there is more to the world than the small town I’m from.

Kaitlyn P.

Alum, EXPLO at Wellesley

If it hadn’t been for EXPLO I might have lost my voice in the crowd… I’m happy that such a program existed for students who were like me. Thanks, EXPLO, for giving me my voice.

Jordan M.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

I got to present to executives from NBC sports. I never thought that would happen in my lifetime.

Jonathan Q.

Student, EXPLO Sports Management

At EXPLO Ortho, the teachers were open to everything and I was able to pour all the information I wanted into my brain and then ask for more… when you go to EXPLO Ortho, it’s all at your fingertips.

Eujin X.

Student, EXPLO Orthopedics + Sports Medicine

I don’t normally take these kind of courses at school. Here, you get to go more in-depth with such a broad range of subject matter. This allows you to try new things or get more focused on something that’s always interested you before… That type of opportunity doesn’t happen to every sixteen-year-old.

Jee-Hyun S.

Student, EXPLO at Yale