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Being a student at EXPLO taught me how to look at problems creatively. Not just the traditional way, but from the top, the bottom, the front, the back, the inside, the outside, from above and from below until I found a way to solve it that never occurred to me before. That’s the EXPLO way.

Dr. Chantrise H.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

The sheer diversity, in people, classes, and activities, is one of the many things that make the atmosphere of EXPLO so unique. I’ve never been to another place quite like it.

Peyton H.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO is a place where my son’s uniqueness is celebrated; where he can explore his varied interests without interference from parents and discover what truly makes him tick; where his “best friends” are from all over the world instead of from right next door; and a place where he matures more in three weeks than he does in an entire school year at home.

Daryl G.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

The students who make the conscious decision to attend EXPLO are the type of people who will invent the next Facebook, put humans on Mars, or become the leader of their country. Not only are these people intellectually curious and motivated, they have the interpersonal skills to work with each other to accomplish most anything.

Malik D.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO prepares the kids to be away from home, be self-sufficient, and gain confidence in a safe yet encouraging atmosphere. It has fueled [my daughter’s] desire to move on to college.

Michael E.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO set the tone for us to embrace our differences and learn to love each other because of them!

María P.

Alum, EXPLO at Wellesley

Awesome program. Your staff has been a great example of intelligent and charismatic young adults that inspire [our daughter] to achieve high academic standards.

Ana M.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

We met so many administrators and startup innovators. We got to ask them questions about how to start a business, why they chose their business models, and what their creative process looks like. . . It’s definitely been a great experience because we’ve all learned so much by talking with all these professionals in the field.

Sabrina M.

Student, EXPLO Startup Entrepreneurship

I think it’s definitely important that you learn from your own mistakes, too. At EXPLO, it’s a good place to be able to do that. Nobody ever criticizes you if you make a mistake in your classes here. There are so many ideas that get thrown around from all the students all the time…all the mistakes are kind of a part of the process.

Mason W.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

My family and I have always pinpointed the exact period that I stepped out of my shell to my summers at EXPLO. I will always remember those years as the time I stopped worrying about trying to fit in and started embracing my quirks and talents. I learned so much about the world and the many kinds of people in it. Most importantly, I learned to believe in myself and my dreams.

Aviance W.

Alum, EXPLO at Wellesley

The courses are really cool because you get to work with a teacher on something they know really well – and if you’re really interested in it, they are there 24 hours a day.

Brooke C.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

Our child definitely gained confidence and independence at a time when they really needed both. We have no doubt that our money was well spent at EXPLO.

Tricia G.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

I was a little scared to travel alone for the first time where I would be living in an native English environment. But, in no more than two days, I overcame my fears and recognized how rewarding the program was going to be.

Fernando M.

Student, EXPLO English Immersion

[My daughter] gained a taste of college life, independence, maturity, and exposure to students from all over other parts of the country and world.

Pennie A.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

Our daughter attends an excellent public school, where she is required to fit into their boxes, and she is pretty good at it. But she is so much more than that and EXPLO allowed her to plumb the depths of her imagination. 

Melissa P.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

This was by far one of the best decisions I made for my son for him to explore his independence, decision making skills, and still have fun.

Nancy H.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

My daughter gained self-confidence – she now tries everything. Her whole outlook on life is different.

Michelle V.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

EXPLO was a great opportunity for me to explore my interests, and it’s helped me understand what I’d like to do in college. I am majoring in International Relations and Arabic, and that all started when I studied Arabic-speaking nations and Islam at EXPLO.

Max K.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

At EXPLO, you learn more than just stuff in your courses. You learn about people; you learn about living on your own. It makes you feel a lot more independent and a lot more confident. Here I’ve realized I really want to go out and do things I’ve never done before.

Matt V.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

I was very impressed with the level of supervision and safety the staff ensured while still giving the campers a sense of independence. It is an experience she will remember for life.

Jennifer S.

Parent, EXPLO at Wellesley

Without the grant, this life-changing experience could not have been possible for my daughters. I knew all along that I wanted this for them, but it was financially impossible for us. But as I learned, there are wonderful opportunities out there if we work hard and keep a little hope alive.

Lora K.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale + EXPLO Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

I learn a lot more at EXPLO than I do in regular school. The subjects aren’t as standardized, but still, the environment here is a lot more productive. In my rock band class I learned more – and in a fun and interesting way – than I learned all year in the music theory class I had taken at school.

Leland T.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

At EXPLO I found a part of myself that I didn’t know existed: I became a more confident person, a more independent person, a more cultured person, a more open-minded person, and most of all a more defined person.

Lauryn P.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

The variety of main events and trips gave me the freedom to choose my own preferences – and to have loads of fun. EXPLO has given me a great opportunity to become more self-sufficient, and explore so many ‘first-time’ things for myself.

Jacob F.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

Where do I even start? EXPLO has been the place where I have grown and become a better person. From the second I step onto an EXPLO quad, the atmosphere is so positive. It is easy to make friends, learn new things, and be who you are!

Sarah C.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO Mini fit in around a family trip we’d been planning. Our son talked about his first week throughout our whole vacation and could not wait to return for another week when we got home. Kudos to your staff for keeping him so engaged and excited about learning over the summer!

Dawn K.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

This was one of the best things we have done for our son. I’m sure the EXPLO experience will be unforgettable and has turned him into a better human being.

Anthony F.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

If EXPLO ran the world, we would be a more responsible, mature, intelligent, creative, caring, giving, and safe place.

Kiera S.

Parent, EXPLO Mini

I loved having so much freedom, it gave me a sense of what college life was like — without seeming too intimidating.

Lily G.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

The people really make this place truly special. Instructors, students, guest speakers… it’s a space where we really learn from each other in a unique hands-on way.

Hira J.

Student, EXPLO Startup Entrepreneurship

The instructors were really nice and made learning actually interesting. I also loved that almost every day we had guest speakers or had a field trip. The weekend trips were really cool and there were fun choices.

Fiona R.

Student, EXPLO Veterinary Science

EXPLO has taught me to be more independent. You know, my parents aren’t here telling me when to eat breakfast. I’m doing that. They aren’t doing my laundry. I get to do that too. I feel like I’ve really become my own person here.

Daneila D.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

I loved being able to decide what to do with my free time. Going to the Vil and getting ice cream with friends, hanging out on the quad. The amount of freedom we got made me feel like I really had an experience away from home that I really learned from.

Cordelia M.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

EXPLO Focus helped spark my interest in sports management, which I am now considering as a major. I also adjusted to dorm life and made some amazing friends.

Caren I.

Student, EXPLO Sports Management

EXPLO makes me want to try new things and think about them. It lets me have a new perspective, a new outlook. I love the diversity here.

Arturo B.

Student, EXPLO at Wellesley

It’s like opening the gates to an enchanted kingdom where you can do anything, be anything, and learn anything. The magic truly happens when the children realize that they have done what they never dreamed they could do.

Jen H.

Faculty, EXPLO at Wheaton

At EXPLO, you really feel like you’re going everywhere, not just at the Wheaton campus. You’re in a mock trial. You’re at a web design course. You’re at a baseball field at the bottom of the ninth… There’s something for everyone.

Joey P.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

My child made a point of telling me that every staff member was great. I was able to read between the lines of his stories and it was obvious to me that every effort was made from the minute he got off the plane to make him feel at home.

Beth A.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

The faculty really know what you’re thinking. They just “get us” more than the teachers at school; they remember what it’s like to be our age.

Connor D.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

EXPLO is an ever-present example to our students that the whole world is not full of hatred and anger. This world that we’ve made here [at EXPLO] is built with love and joy. And we get to show that love and joy to our students every day.

David T.

Head, EXPLO at Wheaton

At EXPLO my friends accept me for who I am. I love EXPLO for the friends and memories I have made.

Harrison L.

Student, EXPLO at Wheaton

EXPLO is the best managed, highest quality summer program we have encountered (and our son has attended several). EXPLO sets the bar, and no other program has been able to meet it yet.

Lynda F.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

The unfailingly confident, happy, excited, and “I’m interested in you and your child” energy that every single staff member exudes is truly amazing.

Rebecca P.

Parent, EXPLO at Wheaton

Every year we see growth, happiness, fulfillment, excitement, and creativity flowing from our daughter when we pick her up from EXPLO.

Federico C.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO’s college-like atmosphere opened my eyes to future experiences by giving me a chance to try so many of them ahead of time.

Evan S.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

There is a fire in my daughter now where before there was just a spark.

Lydia R.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

The trips were, I must admit, amazing. As being a citizen of a different country, the experience of witnessing extraordinary pieces of architecture and technology (in New York and even at Six Flags) was breathtaking.

David H.

Student, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO has been an extraordinary opportunity to develop decision making and independence in a safe, supportive environment.

Petya M.

Parent, EXPLO at Yale

Be open to new things, new kinds of people, and new experiences. That’s really what this is. It’s about stepping out of what you’re used to.

Erin B.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale

EXPLO showed me how amazing it was to be surrounded by bright, passionate, and diverse people. It created an incredible learning and social environment.

Zach B.

Alum, EXPLO at Yale