Residential Students

Keeping Health + Safety at the Center

As we plan for Summer 2021 with COVID-19 safety front-of-mind, some of our traditional programming may be subject to change. We will continue to follow guidance from the CDC, public health officials, and our COVID-19 planning team, and will provide regular updates to families in the lead-up to arrival day. For the most up-to-date information on our COVID-19 planning, please visit our FAQ page.


Living on Campus

EXPLO brings together curious and motivated students from around the world who are eager to live and learn in an environment crackling with ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. From collaborators on projects to partners at evening events, they are the perfect mix of people for exploring every facet of life on a college campus. You’ll hang out with new friends in the residence halls and student lounges, pop in to studios, labs, and classrooms all over campus, make time for a quick breakfast in the dining hall, get your laundry done, and meet up with classmates for coffee or a snack while discussing a proposal for your concentration’s culminating project— all without missing a beat.

Residence Halls + Living Groups

Living in the residence halls at Colby College provides a snapshot of the community experience you’ll have in college. Students are housed by gender. We aim to create living groups that balance a mix of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, new and returning students. The groups are led by Advisors who live in the hall, and keep you informed of what’s going on around campus. Consider this your campus family — they’ll care for you as if you were their own.

International Students

EXPLO is a diverse community with students from 50 states and 93 countries. Our international students make up a critical part of our learning community and living groups. Head over to our International Students page for more information about traveling to campus, language requirements, and more.

What You’ll Need on Campus

In general, EXPLO concentrations are casual and you should plan to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for summer. All concentrations will require students to bring dress clothes/suit for final presentations (trials, business pitches, presentations to professors/professionals, visits to labs, etc.)

In addition, all students must bring a laptop computer. The concentrations’ curriculum requires students to be able to access the internet and utilize basic word processing and presentation-type programs (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) If bringing a laptop presents an issue, please contact our Admission Office. Please note: EXPLO is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of student devices, including laptops.

Student Health Center

24/7 EXPLO operates an on-campus health centered staffed by registered and licensed nurses. If you are feeling under the weather, this is where you will find the help you need. There are rooms where students can get some rest. We also have space for quarantining and isolating students and staff, if necessary. Should you need to see a physician, orthodontist, or optometrist, we will take you where you need to go and stay with you. If you need to get a prescription, we’ll make sure that happens, too. Learn more about Student Health + Safety at EXPLO.

Staff Support

Our staff’s main priority has always been one thing, and one thing only: you. Most faculty, staff, and administrators, live on campus and you will see them not only in class, in the lab or studio, but also at the gym, in the community center, in the dining commons, and even in the residence halls. Their job is to help instruct and guide you through your summer experience. Our job is to (gently) nudge you beyond your comfort zone, making sure you get to experience all an EXPLO summer has to offer while feeling as safe and secure as possible in the process. And since we’re as excited to be at EXPLO as you’ll be, we’ll make sure every experience is as fun and fulfilling as can be.