Residential Students

Living on Campus

Surrounded by an international community of students and staff, your days will be filled with new ideas, interests, and opinions — expanding your understanding of the world, and encouraging you to rethink your place in it.

From choosing the subjects you’ll study to the evening options you’ll check out, you have the chance to design your days yourself — and have the opportunity to explore every facet of campus life. You’ll hang out with new friends in the dorms and student lounges, attend classes all over campus, make time for a quick breakfast in the dining hall, get your laundry done, and meet up with new classmates for coffee or a snack while discussing your course projects — all without missing a beat.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to experience the independence that comes with spending your days (and nights) away from home — knowing that if there’s ever anything you need, every staff member on campus is there to make sure you feel safe, secure, and most of all, at home.

New Friends, New Experiences

Every day at EXPLO, you’ll be experiencing something new – including meeting new people on campus. With students from all over the world living just down the hall, you’ll get to know people with customs, beliefs, and views different from your own — and open up a whole new world view. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself trying out a new language, founding an EXPLO club in something totally outside your own background, or planning a post-EXPLO meet-up in a foreign city with new friends from around the world.

Living Groups

Students from 50 states and 93 countries attend EXPLO programs every summer, and we aim to create living groups that balance a mix of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, new and returning students.

Your new roommate could be from New York, California, Texas, Minnesota, France, Japan, Brazil, or Indonesia, and could easily become your new best friend on campus. You’ll both be part of a living group led by Residential Advisors who live on your hall, and keep you informed of what’s going on around campus. Consider this your campus family — they’ll care for you as if you were their own.

Residence Halls

Living in the residence halls at Illinois Tech provides an ideal pre-college living experience. Students are housed by gender and assigned to a Living Group on their floor. The dormitories also house EXPLO’s Student Lounge, where students can hang out and catch up with each other close to home.

The majority of our students come to EXPLO without knowing other students, so your roommate and Living Group tend to be the people with whom you make your first friendships. You are assigned housing based on your answers to our housing questionnaire, which helps us match students and create cohesive living groups.

International Students

EXPLO is a diverse community with students from 50 states and 93 countries. Our international students make up a critical part of our learning community and living groups. We also recognize that Chicago is much further from home than you may be used to traveling. Head over to our International Students page for more information about traveling to campus, language requirements, and more.

Staff Support

Our staff’s main priority has always been one thing, and one thing only: you. Staff members, faculty, and administrators are there to help instruct and guide you through your summer experience. Our job is to (gently) nudge you beyond your comfort zone, making sure you get to experience all an EXPLO summer has to offer while feeling as safe and secure as possible in the process. And since we’re as excited to be at EXPLO as you’ll be, we’ll make sure every experience is as fun and fulfilling as can be.