Business Management + Consulting

“If you don’t have a competitive edge, don’t compete.” -Jack Welch

Management consulting is a $250 billion dollar industry, and it’s still growing. Managing a business is a challenging and complex task; learn why most large organizations rely on consultants to help them succeed. In this course, consider financing, budgeting, and pricing, while also addressing production, organizational management, sales, marketing, operations, and personnel administration in running a successful and profitable business. Without managing all of these moving parts and understanding the key differences between management and leadership, an entire business can collapse. Develop your consulting skills by connecting with business founders, owners, top executives, and captains of the management consulting industry. You’ll then refine those skills by digging into a series of case studies to diagnose where companies went wrong and forming a set of recommendations for what would have helped get them back on track. You and your classmates will form a consulting team for a Chicago-area business and help them analyze a present problem or opportunity. Then, present to the business’ executives a clear set of recommendations and address their questions about your proposal.

All students will be required to bring a laptop.

Who Should Take This Course?

You’re a strategic thinker; whether it’s uncovering hidden trends buried in data or critically analyzing the effectiveness of an initiative. This is a great course for students interested in exploring a career that will capitalize on problem-solving abilities. From assessing whether a company’s product expansion is viable to identifying how shifts in the market may affect the bottom line, this course will put your critical and creative thinking to the test.

Advisors + Past Speakers

  • Marc Cosentino, Owner, Burgee Atlantic +
  • Andrew Boynton, Dean, Boston College Carroll School of Management
  • Nicole Chang, Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council Member + President/Owner, Coder’s School Los Angeles + Global Business Consultant
  • J.D. Schramm, TED Speaker + Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer
  • Barry Nalebuff, Yale School of Management Professor + Co-founder of Honest Tea
  • Sarah Law, CEO, KARA Handbags
  • Sima Sistani, Co-founder + COO, Houseparty
  • Megan Balch + Jaime Barker, Co-founders, Flagpole Swimwear

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Course Highlights

  • Conduct Market Research

    A major Chicago company is investigating whether to launch a new product line for teenagers. Working as part of a consulting team, conduct market research to see if the market line is large enough to make an investment in the new product line.

  • Skilled Account Analysis

    After much negotiation, examine the potential purchase of one company by another. Through interpreting company balance sheets, cash flow projects, and profit and loss statements, investigate the accounts in detail before weighing in sound business decisions on the purchase.

  • Consult on a Business

    Through case studies, identify how and why even some of the most successful businesses have faltered. Collaborate with a team to design a competitive and innovative solution for a company’s management challenge.

  • Consulting Disruption

    Use advanced data analytics techniques, cognitive computing, and cross-platform access to understand their relevance to business management.

I enjoyed Business Management + Consulting because we got the chance to work with a business owner and that gave us first-hand experience in how businesses work.

Advisors + Past Speakers

Marc Cosentino

Owner, Burgee Atlantic +

How well you do on your case interview often determines whether you will be hired at a major consulting firm. For two decades, Marc Cosentino’s work has towered over the field of case interviews. The Wall Street Journal calls his book Case in Point the MBA Bible, which is one of the many reasons why Cosentino is the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing. He has coached more than 100,000 job seekers and regularly presents at the world’s top business schools and consulting firms. He has consulted with and designed cases for private sector firms, government agencies and non-profits. Cosentino is a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School, Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, and the University of Denver.

Andrew Boynton

Dean, Boston College Carroll School of Management

Andy Boynton is the Dean of the Boston College Carroll School of Management, and an expert in innovation, leadership, and strategy. He is the best-selling author of The Idea Hunter: How to Find the Best Ideas and Make them Happen, and his perspectives on leadership and innovation are regularly featured on

Nicole Chang

Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council Member + President/Owner, Coder’s School Los Angeles + Global Business Consultant

Nicole Chang is a branding and global expansion strategist who has served in leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and Stanford Business School. An entrepreneur in her own right, Nicole has co-founded several companies, is involved in the international art market, and recently produced a short film about Stanford GSB graduates in China.

J.D. Schramm

TED Speaker + Stanford Graduate School of Business Lecturer

J.D. Schramm is a Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business and is an expert in the fields of strategic communication, reputation management, and thought leadership. Prior to Stanford, Schramm was a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Barry Nalebuff

Yale School of Management Professor + Co-founder of Honest Tea

Barry Nalebuff is an expert game theorist and the Milton Steinbeck Professor of Management at Yale School of Management. Nalebuff has been at Yale for 30 years, teaching negotiation, innovation, strategy, and game theory. He has co-authored six books and an online book, including Thinking Strategically and The Art of Strategy, which are two crossover books on game theory with over 400,000 copies in print. Nalebuff also founded the company Honest Tea with a former graduate student, Seth Goldman.

Sarah Law

CEO, KARA Handbags

Sarah Law, named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, founded and serves as a designer at KARA, which launched in 2013 as a line of handbags that quickly became popular with celebrities and instagram personalities. Law’s is a typical startup story—she started KARA with her own money in her living room and was later invited to take part in the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Incubator, a program that helps to support and grow the next generation of great designers.

Sima Sistani

Co-founder + COO, Houseparty

Sima Sistani is the co-founder and COO of Houseparty, “the app winning over Generation Z with spontaneous togetherness.” Houseparty is a social networking app that connects up to 8 people simultaneously through video chat. Prior to launching Houseparty, Sistani worked at Tumblr as Head of Media and at Yahoo! as Director of Business Development and Strategy.

Megan Balch + Jaime Barker

Co-founders, Flagpole Swimwear

Megan Balch and Jaime Barker co-founded the NYC-based swimwear line, Flagpole Swimwear. The line, named for the founders’ favorite West Palm Beach locale, features beautiful yet functional swimwear that “combines beach life with city style.” Balch and Barker met in high school and reconnected after college to launch their line.