College Pathways

There’s More Than One Path to College

It’s not just about getting into the best school — it’s about figuring out the best school for you. EXPLO’s Pre-College + Career Exploration program is designed to help you do just that — with admissions representatives, essay writing experts, and college placement advisors all within walking distance of your dorm.

College Admissions Seminar

Logan Powell, Dean of Admission at Brown University, sets the record straight during a seminar that gives you insider access into the college admissions process:

  • Find out which guidebooks are the most reliable
  • Estimate your chances of admission
  • Learn how to build your list of schools
  • Understand the anatomy of a typical college application

In this seminar, we’ll demystify what happens behind the closed door of an admissions panel — answering your questions and providing you with sample student applications that you will learn to evaluate from an admissions perspective.

Logan Powell is Dean of Admission at Brown University. Previously, he served as Director of Undergraduate Admission at Princeton University, Senior Associate Dean of Admission at Bowdoin, and spent five years as a member of Harvard’s admissions staff. Powell is a graduate of Bowdoin, and earned his M.Ed. at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

The College Admissions Seminar is available for an additional cost of $150.

College Trips

In addition to learning what it’s like to live on a college campus, EXPLO offers optional trips to nearby colleges and universities so that students can compare and contrast while they are in the area. Trips may happen during the afternoons, evenings, or weekends, and transportation costs will be applied to a student’s Trips + Sundries account should they sign up for these trips while on campus. Sample college trip options include:

  • University of Chicago
  • Northwestern University
  • Notre Dame University
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Purdue University

A Taste of College Life

Experience what college life is like firsthand at EXPLO Chicago. Live in the dorms, balance your classes and extracurriculars, make friends from around the world, and take on increased independence and responsibility. Your teachers and RAs are a great resource as well. While many of them have graduated from top colleges and universities around the world, some student life staff are advanced students themselves and are able to share with you a number of insights into the nuances of their schools.