Treehouse Architecture

Explore the architectural form and function of a secret clubhouse as you design and build a model of your dream (tree) house!

A top-secret hideaway nestled in the trees. A fort built for adventure hidden in the foliage. Climb up with a ladder, escape down a slide – imagine the possibilities when you design the plans for your very own treehouse! We’ll start by considering the form and function of your fort – what will it look like? How will it feel? What super secret features will it have? Next, get to work learning about how architects and engineers draw plans for new creations, and put your ideas on paper. From there you’ll construct a prototype of your creation and test it out in our tabletop forest of model trees. Bring your best ideas and find us in the woods – knock three times, the password is FUN.

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Course Highlights

  • Explore the roles of form + function in architecture as you imagine the treehouse of your dreams

  • Bring your design ideas to life through plan and elevation drawings and artistic renderings

  • Engineer the ins-and-outs of your treehouse concept: slides, ziplines, pulleys, and more!

  • Construct a prototype of your dream (tree) house in our scale model forest

When you look at the risk versus reward ratio, everything here is more rewarding because, unlike at school, there are no consequences for taking a risk.