Mixing Music + DJing

Working with your classmates — and with GarageBand — create original tunes and mixes that capture the essence of summer.

Spin doctor, Spin meister, DJ Spin: we need some beats in this house, some new tunes that’ll spell summer fun and make us all want to get up and dance! That’s right: we want YOU to create this summer’s awesome new soundtrack. Working with your classmates — and with GarageBand — you’ll pen original tunes that capture the essence of activities and events happening around campus. We’ll help you figure out how a series of notes conveys emotion (like joy, sadness, or excitement) and you’ll begin building your compilations. As you work to mesh melodies and harmonies, we’ll work with you on mastering time changes and creating transitions, all while letting your experimentations — sampling from popular tunes, laying over beats, and finding the right tempo and key — fly. It’s time to start spinning!

Plan your summer


Course Highlights

  • Meet with EXPLO clients, determine their needs + make unique mixes that will blow them away

  • Discover how to adjust tempo, beatmatch + layer multiple songs into one track

  • Create a DJ persona to match your music style

  • Create a playlist that all of your friends can dance along to

I learned that mixing music is a lot like mixing a recipe. Some flavors mesh really well together and some flavors people don't usually put together but might still taste good. You get to surprise your audience that way which is really cool.