Commercial Illustration

Can you make a book cover, movie poster, or cereal box jump off the shelf and say, “ME! ME! You MUST buy me!”? Come learn how to create drawings that draw attention.

Sketching, drawing, painting and more. Together, we’ll investigate the technical fundamentals of illustration — composition, shape, scale, color, mark-making — and explore creative strategies for visual storytelling. Along the way, you’ll create memorable characters that sell (think Tony the Tiger) and dynamic compositions that anticipate how art will interact with product names and headlines — all while building a solid portfolio of illustrations. What kind of drawing works best for this summer’s hottest single? Nintendo’s newest release? The packaging for the latest smartphone? It’s up to you. Submit your work and help launch the next big thing — your career as a commercial illustrator.

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to align the intention of the artist and the perspective of the viewer or prospective customer

  • Explore style and technique as you develop print ads and packaging for a variety of products

  • Consider your notion of “what makes art” with each piece you craft

  • Practice giving and receiving feedback through purposeful, guided critique sessions

I chose Commercial Illustration because I like art and drawing, and it really helped me improve my art. We learned different techniques and how things should be placed when you draw.