Come Experience The World At EXPLO

Experience aspects of American culture through some of our greatest sights and cities. With programs in three major U.S. cities, students who come to EXPLO are able to explore cultural, historical, and culinary destinations that give them a real taste of aspects of American life.

Every moment of the day — whether during classes, quad time, meal time, Evening Events, or dorm life —you’ll encounter world views that stretch your own perspectives, and beliefs that challenge how you think about people and ideas. All the while, you’ll be learning the nuances, customs, and habits of your new friends from around the world, who are sure to be part of your life for years to come.

7 Things Every International Student Should Know About EXPLO

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a summer program abroad. Here are some things we think are important to know about being an international student at EXPLO.

EXPLO Students Come from 50 U.S. States + 93 Countries

At EXPLO, you’ll meet people of varying backgrounds, customs, and beliefs who will expand your understanding of the world of people and ideas. Here, you won’t just take courses with American students — you’ll live in the same residential halls, eat in the same dining halls, and explore a new city with new friends from places like New York, California, Japan, Brazil, Texas, and Indonesia.

30 Percent of EXPLO Students are From Outside of the U.S.

We mean it when we say that EXPLO is a community that spans the world. Even after you’ve left EXPLO, you’ll maintain connections with your friends no matter where they’re from! In fact, many EXPLO students and their families end up traveling to visit each other in their home countries long after the program is over.

Weekend Trips are A Centerpiece of the EXPLO Experience

What good is traveling to a new country if you never leave campus? Weekend trips are a central piece of the EXPLO experience for all students, but are particularly exciting for international students who want to explore a new city and take advantage of unique recreational activities. Bonus: students get to choose from a variety of trip options each weekend to ensure their excursions match their interests.

Our Staff are from Around the World, Too!

It’s important for students to have staff that can support them as they navigate new cultural terrain and help them feel at home, however far from home. Each year we have staff members join us from many different countries, recently including Cyprus, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trinidad and Tobago, Iceland, and France.

We See Food as an Important Way of Helping You Feel at Home

Part of being part of a community is sharing meals together — and one of the best ways to learn about new cultures is through culinary customs. Our dining halls prepare food from different countries throughout the summer, and always have vegetarian, vegan, and many other options available to meet our students’ dietary needs. Staff members are available during every meal to ensure that students understand their dining options, are eating well, and can assist with any dietary concerns.

English is the Working Language of EXPLO

To enroll in the program, students must be able to speak and understand English at an intermediate or fluent level. To ensure that students will be able to participate in all aspects of the program — from academics to residential life to extracurricular activities — international students who do not attend a school with an English language-based curriculum may need to interview with EXPLO so that we may assess their English speaking abilities. Once a student has submitted an application and deposit, we will contact the student’s family about scheduling an interview, should we determine that one is necessary.

Advanced English Speakers
Regular academic offerings at EXPLO offer advanced English speakers a great language immersion experience because they are not lecture style, but instead are active and project-based. Advanced English speakers choose from the full range of courses or concentrations at EXPLO.

Intermediate English Speakers
For intermediate-level speakers, EXPLO offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The goal of this specialized course is to improve students’ oral English and comprehension skills through hands-on projects, role-plays, activities, and intensive writing and speaking exercises. Students enrolled as intermediate English speakers will take a mix of ESOL courses and electives as well as a choice of options from our course catalog.
ESOL is offered at EXPLO Boston and EXPLO New York. An additional fee of $600 applies for all students enrolled in ESOL.

Emerging English Speakers
For students at the beginning of their study of English — Early English Language Learners — EXPLO offers English Immersion for students ages 9-13 on the EXPLO Boston campus.

We’ll Pick You Up! (And Drop You Off)

We know that one of the big concerns about traveling so far from home is the transportation. Our staff (easily identifiable in bright orange EXPLO t-shirts) meet students at the airport, escort them to campus, and help them settle in. On Arrival Day, staff remain at the airport until we know that the last student has been picked up.

When it’s time to return home at the end of the session, we take students to the airport and stay there until we’re sure everyone is safe and in the air. We know you would not take chances with your children, and neither will we.