Wilderness Medicine

Keep your team alive in the great outdoors with a rugged repertoire of off-the-grid medical skills and some old-fashioned ingenuity.

Become an outdoor medical specialist and discover how to treat the most common medical conditions that strike adventurers deep in the wilderness. In this class, you’ll develop the skills to respond to injuries such as burns, broken bones, and animal bites. Keep an eye on the sky so you’re prepared for weather conditions ranging from severe lightning to extreme heat. Splint fractures, neutralize toxins, reverse hypothermia, and combat altitude illness as you embark on a (simulated) expedition full of unexpected turns.

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Course Highlights

  • Medical Scenarios

    Respond to a variety of interactive medical scenarios. Practice keeping your cool when faced with patients in shock, and work with a team of fellow responders to stabilize and transport a group of stranded hikers.

  • Bone and Joint Injuries

    Can you set a broken bone using only the contents of your backpack and the surrounding forest? Use sticks to stabilize fractures and discover how to best treat sprains and dislocation.

  • Weather-related Conditions

    When lightning strikes or altitude sickness kicks in at the summit, discover how to best react. Build your knowledge and instincts to respond to heat, dehydration, and hyperthermia.

  • Medical Assessment + Diagnosis

    Practice rapid trauma assessment, used by first responders to quickly assess and diagnose a patient. Take into account your patient history and the environment to narrow down possible causes. Whether you’re faced with anaphylaxis or open wounds, discover innovative ways to respond with minimal resources.

Activities that prepared me for survival situations will help me beyond EXPLO. Knowing what to do when someone gets hurt or when a natural disaster strikes can save lives.