Neuropsychology + Misdirection

Pull back the curtain and learn to influence the way people think, act, and react to the world around them.

Taking cues from street hustlers to stage magicians to marketing professionals, we will uncover how seemingly insignificant details can have a surprising influence on how we respond to the world around us. It’s the power of persuasion. We’ll look at how optical illusions work, analyze overt messaging in advertising, and discover how to exploit the science behind Gestalt psychology. Learn to bend spoons (or make it look like you have), perform the shell game, and master other classic sleights of hand. By mapping the human brain and exploring the craft of master manipulators, you will see how a little suggestion can have a dramatic effect.

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New York

Course Highlights

  • Memory + False Memories

    Strengthen your working memory with a number of tricks used by the champions who memorize decks of cards in minutes. Discover what erodes memory and why false memories can be convincing.

  • Visual Illusions

    Experience and try visual illusions from the Retention of Vision-Vanish to the Trizonal Space Illusion to spoon bending tricks. Discover how the brain interprets these stimuli to make these illusions possible.

  • Magic Tricks + Optical Illusions

    Review popular magic tricks and optical illusions that have duped thousands of people and discover what makes them so convincing. With inside tips and art materials, create your own and trick your classmates. Practice your delivery to amaze your friends!

  • Learning + The Brain

    Practice classical conditioning techniques and discover how you’ve been conditioned in the class to learn tricks and illusions. Apply your skills to condition others through brain games and magic tricks.

In Neuropsych + Misdirection, the activities we have done in making our memories stronger will help me beyond EXPLO both in school and at home. I also enjoyed learning about different types of attention.