Making the Connection

Our faculty love to teach. But more than that, they love to learn. Which is why our faculty bring that passion — along with months of rigorous planning and training — to EXPLO. In the end, we don’t care how long someone has taught, how long their résumé is, or if they have a lengthy research record. What we care about is whether they can teach well in a summer context and truly connect with students.

The Gold Standard

Time and again, that’s what the EXPLO faculty has been called. Our instructors are a mix of highly experienced educators and professionals that lead an enthusiastic teaching staff of many talented and mature college and graduate students. It’s a dynamic combination that generates a vibrant and welcoming learning community.

At EXPLO, exceptional teaching is at the heart of what we do, and our talented faculty is required to complete a robust teacher development program at the start of every summer. Our results are so exceptional that schools across the world, nonprofits, and even leading corporations have asked us to develop curriculum and to train their professionals to be more engaging and creative teachers.

Incredible Mentors

We intentionally hire staff of an adjacent generation to work with our students because they, too, are deeply engaged with learning and swimming in the same cultural forces. They can quickly break down barriers, and make authentic connections between classroom ideas and the world our students are navigating.

Plus, these aren’t just any college or graduate students. We are in the talent search business, hiring emerging leaders with incredible potential. Learn more about some of the movers and shakers out in the world who worked at EXPLO during college or graduate school.

Teachers are Involved in All Aspects of Student Life

Our faculty — Residential and Day Advisors, Instructors, and Program Assistants — engage students in myriad ways and encourage them to broaden their global point of view. It’s not unusual for a staff member to teach Developmental Psychology in the morning, lead a West African drumming session in the afternoon, debate the merits of public versus private schools over dinner, star in a staff improv show in the evening, and serve as residential advisor for a living group of students at night. With a passion for teaching that goes beyond the classroom, our staff are exceptional guides for an EXPLO summer.

Meet Our Head of Programs

Elliot Targum began working for EXPLO in 1997. Prior to becoming the Head of Programs, Elliot lent his talents to a number of roles including Residence Director, Programming Director, and Dean of Day Students. Elliot was a founding teacher at a Boston charter school and taught math and science in the Cambridge, Mass., public school system. Elliot is known as an “idea factory,” and one public school teaching colleague described him as “the most progressive teacher in the district.” He currently serves on the diversity committee at the Belmont Day School. Elliot’s interests and talents are broad. He was a math correlation specialist at Riverdeep, Inc., working on interactive mathematics software, and he worked with Games-To-Teach, a partnership between MIT and Microsoft’s iCampus. In addition, he is the founder of EB Tutoring, juggles flaming torches during the summer at EXPLO, and is perhaps unparalleled in his knowledge of board games. When he’s not matching wits with high schoolers at EXPLO, Elliot loves to explore the world (especially Disney World) with his two children, wife, and canine companion, Trixie. Elliot is a graduate of Haverford College and earned his M.Ed. at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he concentrated in technology and education.

Join Our Faculty

Want to be a part of something amazing? If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a difference in the lives of our students – and you’re looking to grow professionally and personally in one of the most enriching and challenging experiences of your life – we want you to apply!


Watch the video for more information about what it’s like to work during the summer at EXPLO. Then, head on over to our Faculty Hiring page to find out how you can submit your application.