Taking inspiration from acclaimed architects, draft your original concept of a dream home into tangible architectural plans.

Read blueprints and conceptualize three-dimensional spaces on a two-dimensional plane. Consider functional features of design, from Italian-styled outdoor courtyards to more modern urban lofts. Use T-squares, architectural pencils, and scaling devices to draft plans and draw elevations as you design and envision a 3D scale model. Solicit feedback from your peers at the drafting table and determine every aspect of exterior design while creating a building made just for you.

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New York

Course Highlights

  • Measurements, Symbols, + Floor Plans

    Use proper architectural symbols for items such as steps, windows, and doors as you create floor plans.

  • Purpose + Functionality

    Turn a warehouse into a community center. Or redesign a kitchen space for your dream home. Determine the function of a space and reassess your design based on its changing purpose and needs.

  • Architectural Aesthetics

    From modern to utilitarian, explore the architectural components of geometry, lines, and shadows as you find your distinct design style.

  • 3D Modeling

    Watch your blueprint come to life as you build a scaled, 3D model of the structure you’ve designed, using professional architectural modeling techniques.

My favorite thing about building is when you complete what you’re working on — when it’s finally done. It’s such a satisfying feeling, especially if you’ve worked hard toward it.