Tuition and Rates


English Immersion
3-Week Residential
Early Bird Discount
discount ends Dec 29
Basic Tuition $7,190
Courses 1 course
Electives 3 electives
Evening Events
Weekend Trips

What’s included?

Course Supplies
Room + Board
Meals Breakfast
Evening Entertainment + Evening Trips
Personal Laundry Service
Tuition Refund Insurance
Early Bird Discount
discount ends Dec 29
Basic Tuition $7,190


English Immersion
3-Week Residential
Dormitory Damage
Trips + Sundries Account $400


English Immersion
3-Week Residential
Transportation to/
from Airport


$75 One-Way
$150 Round-Trip

English Immersion is designed to be a residential program. On occasion, we have enrolled day students in English Immersion (at residential student rates) for families with special circumstances. If you have questions about day options, please contact our Admission Office.

Deposits and Payments

Application deposits are required to reserve a space at EXPLO and are credited to the student’s final balance. (Deposits are not required for scholarship candidates.) Click here for more information about deposit rates and payments.

Notes on Required Charges

The Dormitory Damage Deposit is required to offset any charges incurred for damage to a student’s room, furnishings, or pro-rated shares of extraordinary damage to common facilities in the dormitories. Families may be charged if a student’s room is left dirty or in a state of disarray. Parents are responsible for any damage beyond the deposit. If there is no damage or balance due, the damage deposit will be refunded to the person responsible for billing by late September.

Trips + Sundries Account is used to cover weekend trips, sundries, and lost keys or prox cards. This account can be supplemented by parents at any time. This account can be supplemented by parents at any time. If a student has a low balance or overdraws the Trips + Sundries Account, our main office will be in contact with you to arrange payment. All unused amounts, except those covered by scholarship, will be returned to the person responsible for billing by late September.

Rates and Discounts

All fees are in US dollars.

There is a $75 application fee for all international student applicants to cover the cost of student interviews, language assessments, additional staffing, and additional costs.

Sibling Discounts: If two students in a family are attending an EXPLO program(s), each student will receive a discount of:
– $200 per 3-week residential session
– $100 per 3-week day session
– $150 per 2-week residential session
– $75 per 1-week residential session

If one of the siblings is attending our 1-week day option at EXPLO Boston, please refer to the EXPLO Boston tuition page for details about our EXPLO sibling discount for 1-week day students.

If more than two siblings are attending EXPLO programs, each child will receive one sibling discount (the largest discount for which the student is eligible).

Health Insurance Information

All participants are required to have coverage from a U.S. based accident and health insurance provider. International participants and others without this coverage are required to purchase health insurance that covers them while they are in the United States. EXPLO has identified affordable $0 deductible plans to make it easy on families should medical services need to be used.

Please Note: Enrollment in this health insurance plan opens on March 1.