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Critical Making and Education Camp for Educators

In One Week, Jump Start Critical Making And Innovation At Your School

Many schools have maker spaces – or are contemplating building them – but aren’t exactly sure how to use them or understand how to leverage their use across the curriculum. EXPLO Studio is focused on critical making: transforming the ordinary into something with meaning. It’s not making for the sake of making, but making for a purpose.

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Mindset Over Machines
(Though You’ll Be Trained On Our Maker Equipment)

As an educator, critical making depends far less on the equipment you have and far more on how you think about making in relation to your curriculum, your teaching, and your school culture. EXPLO Studio’s critical making approach cultivates critical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, clarity of communication, and collaboration. Good critical making will help students see in new and innovative ways.

2017 Critical Making Camp Topics

  • Dance with Your Machines
    The “greatest hits” of the well-appointed maker space — laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines — are expensive pieces of equipment. Don’t let them gather dust and go unused. Through hands-on workshops, discover how to turn maker space equipment into vital teaching-and-learning tools.
  • Teacher as Facilitator/Coach
    How to teach by asking questions and proposing problems. Making students earn their answers and the pride of going through the process of not-knowing. Not-knowing is not a gap to close quickly, but a state of possibility where discoveries can happen. What should you be asking? What should students be asking? The right question opens the doors…
  • Learning through Observation
    Close observation leads to clearer communication and seeing connections and relationships that aren’t apparent at a quick glance. Discover how much there is to learn through close observation and develop the vocabulary for expressing just what you have seen. It’s important for all learners to find words for experiences so we can use a common language when discussing what we make.
  • Welcoming the Critique
    Criticism is the oxygen of the maker space. Teach your students to look forward to someone telling them that they might be able do better. Help them live for the thoughtful critique. Learn to give the most useful criticism by observing, empathizing, and helping your students understand the intentions and goals of their classmates.
  • Making on a Budget
    Re-source the every day supplies you already have in your classroom for critical making in unexpected ways.
  • Curriculum Design + Development
    Work on your own biggest curriculum challenges with other teachers in an active studio environment. You do not need to change your curriculum wholesale. By simply adding elements of maker culture to any lesson plan, you can broaden the thinking and responsiveness of your students.

EXPLO’s Been Doing “Making” for 40 Years
EXPLO has been providing these hands on, critical making experiences for over 40 years. EXPLO Studio is staffed by experienced and playful K-12 and college level educators who are also scientists, writers, engineers, artists, software designers, and fabricators. All are passionate about changing the nature of what goes on in classrooms across the world.