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Professional Development and Outreach

Lifelong learning for educators and administrators worldwide

EXPLO offers professional development workshops for educators and administrators at schools and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Backed by 40 years of experience and expertise, our training programs range from leadership and teaching strategies to staff training, scheduling, and curriculum development.

Past workshops include:

  • Embedding Inquiry into Science Teaching
  • Integrating a Makerspace into a School & Across Departments
  • Curriculum Writing for Engagement and Inquiry
  • Observation and Coaching for Engagement
  • Building a Professional Faculty Culture
  • Being a Brave, Wise, and Effective Administrator
  • Design Thinking for Educators
  • Building Cognitive Empathy in a Polarized Society

Exploration is boundless, and EXPLO’s outreach extends far beyond our home base in the Greater Boston area. While we invite partner organizations to join us for trainings at the Exploration Center and in our neighboring communities, our team also delivers professional development opportunities around the world.

Outreach includes:

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