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Sports Management

Sports Management is a two-week focus program on the campus of Yale University for students entering grades 10-12.

Discover the Business Behind Sports

You love the game, the athleticism, the challenge, the hype. Even more so, you love the idea of getting into the business on the ground floor and helping to shape the direction of the sports world over the next five, 10, even 15 years.

Get insider access to the fields that make sports a multi-billion dollar industry. You’ll learn from the best — from agents and news producers to directors of sabermetrics, media reps, and marketing VPs. You’ll bring the vision, the innovation, and the awareness of what the sports industry looks like now — and what you want it to look like once you’re the one calling the shots.

Get In the Game for Real

This summer, you’ll hone a broad range of skills needed to thrive in the world of sports management. From media and marketing to negotiations and business strategy, you’ll practice making key management decisions on the business, media, and PR sides of the field.

Alternative Sports Management Options

Interested in exploring management, but not ready to invest all of your time focused on just one subject? Our most popular program – Exploration – might be a better fit for you.

With a number of course and workshop offerings in business methods, Exploration Programs give you the chance to explore your interest in medicine while at the same time giving you the opportunity to explore many more interests via a wide variety of hands-on courses, workshops, activities, events, and trips.

Here are some Exploration course options that are complementary to Sports Management:

EXPLO at Yale (Grades 10-12)

  • Course: Advertising + Marketing
  • Course: Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Course: Business Management
  • Course: Investment Methods
  • Workshop: Business Negotiations
  • Workshop: Team-building + Leadership Skills
  • Workshop: Interview Skills
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