Psychology + Neuroscience Summer Program for High School Students

Psychology + Neuroscience

Psychology + Neuroscience is a two-week focus program on the campus of Yale University for students entering grades 10-12.

Get Off the Couch and Step Into the World of the Mind.

From avatar therapy to building business brands to refining pharmacological treatment of mental health through genetic markers, the applications of psychology and neuroscience far exceed the traditional counseling track. These transdisciplinary fields can be applied to nearly any topic that involves a brain — and they help us to unlock the mysteries of how the mind works so that we can better develop solutions to the complex questions of human behavior and experience.

Dig into Hands-On Projects and Simulations.

Connect with professionals in a range of careers that utilize a background in psychology and neuroscience. Work with the Yale MRI Lab to diagnose a range of neurological conditions. Design an intervention for children with autism and pitch it to a panel of psychologists. Assess a star athlete and develop preparation strategies to help mitigate performance anxiety. Testify on behalf of a client who claims to have made a false confession. The human mind holds many mysteries; EXPLO hands you the key to explore them.

Alternative Psychology + Neuroscience Options

Interested in exploring psychology, but not ready to invest all of your time focused on just one subject? Our most popular program – Exploration – might be a better fit for you.

With a number of course and workshop offerings in the social sciences, Exploration Programs give you the chance to explore your interest in psychology + neuroscience while at the same time giving you the opportunity to explore many more interests via a wide variety of hands-on courses, workshops, activities, events, and trips.

Here are some Exploration course options that are complementary to Psychology + Neuroscience:

EXPLO at Yale (Grades 10-12)

  • Course: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Course: Personality + Behavioural Psychology
  • Course: Criminal Psychology
  • Course: Social Psychology
  • Course: Forensic Science
  • Workshop: Psychology of Relationships
  • Workshop: Criminal Psychology
  • Workshop: Psychology of Harry Potter
Explore Psychology + Neuroscience Courses at EXPLO at Yale