Future of Medicine Overview

Future of Medicine is a one-week focus program on the campus of Yale University entering grades 10-12.

Collaborative. Creative. Interconnected.

The future of medicine combines talents and specialties that go beyond traditional lab coats and stethoscopes. Take on contemporary case studies and explore career options beyond the hospital, from research and administration to patient care and integrative healthcare. Dig into big data and tailor medical interventions with regard to sociological actors surrounding a particular patient. Interview medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies about strategies to deal with the opioid epidemic. Practice diagnostic methods with top doctors at a state of the art MRI laboratory that is advancing how we see patients inside and out.

As Medical Interventions Advance, Ethical Questions Arise

Employ the EXPLO Collaborative Discussion Method to approach complex conversations around technology and treatment, biomedical ethics, and patient advocacy. Connect with current experts in the medical field who navigate the rapidly shifting terrain every day to keep their facilities at the leading edge of research and delivery. Through this balanced approach of intellectual inquiry and experience-based investigation, you’ll begin to see the many opportunities available to you beyond the exam room — and be better prepared as you pursue a future career in medicine.

Alternative Future of Medicine Options

Interested in exploring the future of medicine, but not ready to invest all of your time focused on just one subject? Our most popular program – Exploration – might be a better fit for you.

With a number of course and workshop offerings in the medical and psychological sciences, Exploration Programs give you the chance to explore your interest in medicine while at the same time giving you the opportunity to explore many more interests via a wide variety of hands-on courses, workshops, activities, events, and trips.

Here are some Exploration course options that are complementary to Future of Medicine:

EXPLO at Yale (Grades 10-12)

  • Course: Surgical Interventions
  • Course: Genetic Engineering
  • Course: Forensic Science
  • Course: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Workshop: Heart Science
  • Workshop: Surgical Interventions
  • Workshop: Forensic Science
  • Workshop: Red Cross First Aid CPR/AED Certification
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