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Since 1976 EXPLO has
reached 75,000 students from
50 states and 93 countries
around the world.

We Don’t Put Classroom Walls Around Learning

Every day at EXPLO is intentionally designed so that learning doesn’t end when classes do. Each activity, every encounter is an open-ended opportunity for discovery and growth.

Partners +

When you come to EXPLO, we connect you with some of the most brilliant minds in the field. These remarkable individuals lend depth and perspective to your work; answer your questions about careers; and help shape your experience throughout the program.


From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until your head hits the pillow at lights out, every day at EXPLO is jam-packed with courses, entertainment, trips, and fun!

The Yale

Walk the halls that housed past Presidents. View a Van Gogh on your way to class. Experience what it’s like being a student on one of the preeminent university campuses in the world. When you come to EXPLO, you come to Yale.

  • Course Highlight: Explore Medical Industry


    With rapidly changing demographics, innovative new technologies, and a transforming delivery system, tomorrow’s medical field will look decidedly different than today’s. Connect with leading industry innovators to learn more about the changing landscape of medicine.

  • Course Highlight: Yale Center for British Art


    What does looking at paintings have to do with the practice of medicine? It’s the way leading schools of medicine are teaching students the art of detailed and careful observation, a skill crucial to making an accurate diagnoses.

  • Course Highlight: FDA Regulations and Technology


    The widespread adoption and use of mobile technologies is opening new and innovative ways to improve health and health care delivery. Evaluate these technologies according to regulatory conditions. How can you improve an app so that its function is both safe and effective for patients?

  • Curriculum Advisory Committee: David Mulligan


    Dr. Mulligan, chief of transplantation surgery and Immunology at Yale Medical School is a Program Advisor for Future of Medicine.

  • Campus Highlight: Alexander Calder


    During lunch, hang out with friends at Yale Commons, which houses an extensive collection of outdoor sculptures by famous artists; one of which is Alexander Calder, whose work stretches to the MOMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Guggenheim.

  • Campus Highlight: New Haven


    When you come to EXPLO, you come to a college town. During independent time head New Haven (staying within the "boundaries" of course!) to explore the shops along Chapel Street and in the York Square area, take a culinary tour, or enjoy a local performance.

  • Trip Highlight: Harvey Cushing Center


    To better predict the future of medicine, we ask that you take a step (or a century) back in time. Visit the Harvey Cushing Center, where you can see the advancement in neurosurgery and neuroscience unfold throughout time (not to mention brains in jars — lots of them).

  • Curriculum Advisory Committee: Alexandra Lansky


    Alexandra Lansky, Professor of Medicine in the section of Cardiology at the Yale School of Medicine and a practicing cardiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital, is currently on Future of Medicine's Curriculum Advisory Committee.

  • Course Highlight: Simulated Health Care Policy Development


    Develop a health care policy that can assist in management of drug epidemics such as opioid abuse. Present your expansive policy to health professionals in the New Haven area.

EXPLO Reinvented the Learning Experience.
We Continue to Do So — Every Day

From the halls of MIT to the minds of curious young people from across the U.S. and around the world, learning through exploration combines an array of experiences — from hands-on courses and workshops to outdoor activities and weekend trips — that transform the way students engage with the world. More than 40 years later, EXPLO continues to reinvent the learning experience. Educators, nonprofits, and corporate leaders alike now seek EXPLO’s knowledge and expertise in engaged learning, critical making, and design thinking to drive their organizations forward.

Since 1976 EXPLO has
reached 75,000 students from
50 states and 93 countries
around the world.

I loved taking classes not otherwise available to me at my public school. Field trips were fun, and I enjoyed the college trips and was able to visit the one I would like to attend. I loved meeting people from all over the country and world. What I really loved was that the world is at your fingertips, quite literally. The classes are diverse in material, but you have people from all backgrounds and cultures coming together. I would not have met these people without coming to [EXPLO], and I feel like the world is smaller, not bigger, and more welcoming place.

Say Hello!

For many families, attending an Info Meeting in your local area or on one of our campuses is a great way to get a feel for what a summer at EXPLO has to offer. Meet our Executive Director, Head of Programs, or Director of Admission, ask questions, and get a first-hand feel for our programs.

Program Dates

  • Session Two July 29 – August 4, 2018 Residential