Program Comparison

Thank you for your interest in working at EXPLO.

At this time, we are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2020. We invite you to return to this page in the fall to explore our faculty and staff positions for Summer 2021.


EXPLO: Learning to Expect More

People who expect more are the people who do more. They’re the people who change their schools, their neighborhoods, their countries — they change the world. They don’t think small. They don’t stop before they even get started. They stick their necks out. They know more is possible.

So how do you begin expecting more? More from yourself … More from those around you … More from the world?

You find your people. You find yourself. And you find it all at EXPLO.

Three-Week Option: Courses + Electives

Our three-week programs feature the broadest range of course and activity options of any other summer programs in the world. EXPLO encourages students to pursue current interests in novel ways and to try many other things that are completely new. This is your chance to teach and interact with students in a dynamic, innovative environment that encourages critical thinking, creative expression, and unleashing the imagination.

EXPLO Chicago (grades 10-12)

EXPLO New York (grades 8-10)

EXPLO Boston (grades 2-7)
EXPLO Boston also offers a one-week day program — EXPLO Mini — that offers all the EXPLO magic with limited weekly options.

English Immersion (ages 9-13)

One- and Two-Week Options: Concentrations

Concentrations are one- and two-week experiences that give students the chance to dive in, dig deeper, and explore one special interest during their time at EXPLO.

Medical Rotations (grades 10-12)

Psychology + Neuroscience (grades 10-12)

Sports Management (grades 10-12)

Medical Rounds (grades 8-10)

Orthopedics + Sports Medicine (grades 8-10)

Startup Entrepreneurship (grades 8-10)

Emergency Medicine (grades 6+7)

Veterinary Science (grades 6+7)