Program Comparison - EXPLO

Program Comparison

About Our EXPLO Programs

At EXPLO, we encourage everyone “to respect the differences that make us individuals and to find the common ground that makes us a community.”

EXPLO offers the following programs: our three-week Exploration programs, our two-week and one-week EXPLO Focus programs, our one-week EXPLO Mini programs, and our three-week language immersion program, EXPLO English Immersion.

EXPLO: Exploration

Offered on the campuses of Yale University, Wellesley College, and Wheaton College, our three-week programs feature the broadest range of course and activity options of any other summer programs in the world. Exploration encourages students to pursue current interests in novel ways and to try many other things that are completely new. This is your chance to teach and interact with students in a dynamic, innovative environment that encourages critical thinking, creative expression, and unleashing the imagination.

EXPLO at Yale (grades 10-12)
EXPLO at Wellesley (grades 8+9)
EXPLO at Wheaton (grades 4+5, 6+7)


Focus Programs are two-week experiences that give students the chance to dive in, dig deeper, and explore one special interest during their time at EXPLO. Programs include:

EXPLO Foreign Affairs (grades 10-12)
EXPLO Future of Medicine (grades 10-12)
EXPLO Psychology + Neuroscience (grades 10-12)
EXPLO Sports Management (grades 10-12)
EXPLO Bioengineering for Girls (grades 9-11)
EXPLO Medical Rounds (grades 8-10)
EXPLO Orthopedics + Sports Medicine (grades 8-10)
EXPLO Startup Entrepreneurship (grades 8-10)
EXPLO Emergency Medicine (grades 6+7)
EXPLO Veterinary Science (grades 6+7)


EXPLO Mini welcomes day students from the greater Boston and Providence areas to explore one-week concentrations on the campus of Wheaton College. Students are divided into three age groups: “Explorers” (entering grades 2+3), “Pioneers” (entering grades 4+5) and “Voyagers” (entering grades 6+7).

EXPLO English Immersion

EXPLO English Immersion is a three-week program for students, ages 9 through 13, who have formally studied English but are still at the early stages of developing conversational skills. Different than most other English language programs, EXPLO English Immersion students work on speaking through hands-on projects and activities. EXPLO English Immersion is offered on the campus of Wheaton College.