Faculty Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in working at EXPLO.

At this time, we are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2020. We invite you to return to this page in the fall to explore our faculty and staff positions for Summer 2021.


Expert Leadership

The members of our EXPLO leadership team have decades of experience working with children of all ages in school and educational environments.

From counseling students’ social and emotional development to helping children pursue their academic and extracurricular passions, we are dedicated to working with young people and are experts at educating the whole child.

As you consider working for EXPLO this summer, please review the following professional guidelines.

Health + Well-being

The health and safety of all our students and faculty is our highest priority. No matter what position you occupy, it will be your responsibility to help make EXPLO an environment in which students can learn and grow in a way appropriate for their age. Classes, activities, residential floors, and trips all need to be places where students feel physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe, even when being challenged. Enforcement of program guidelines concerning student conduct is essential to this objective.

Substance Free Workplace

The use of drugs or alcohol at EXPLO is strictly prohibited. Because each faculty member is responsible for the safety and well being of students, we feel it is necessary to mandate a high standard for faculty concerning the use of drugs and alcohol. At no time should any faculty member on- or off-duty be under the influence of illegal or other non-medicinal drugs or possess them on-campus. At no time should any faculty member be under the influence of alcohol on-duty or return to the dorm complex while under the influence after being off-duty. Use of alcohol by off-duty faculty over the age of 21 is restricted to off-campus.

Safety + Inclusion

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at EXPLO. We take issues of sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, and physical harassment very seriously. EXPLO strictly prohibits its managers, supervisors, and employees from harassing any member of its faculty or student body.

Professionalism + Commitment

We take seriously the commitment you are making when you apply for a position. Once you have accepted a position, Exploration will incur obligations and make commitments to participants based on your being available at the program. Any sudden cancellation of your involvement could severely damage the program’s quality and cause irreparable economic loss to EXPLO. Please, only apply for a position if you are prepared to make an irrevocable commitment to work for EXPLO during the full summer program. This spring, if you plan to look for full-time employment after the summer is over, it is possible that a potential employer may wish you to start during the summer. If this would prevent you from fulfilling the entirety of your responsibilities to EXPLO, you should not consider applying for a position at EXPLO at this time.