Student Life

Discover something new at EXPLO Mini. Our students are comprised of three groups: Explorers, Pioneers, and Voyagers. Each has different needs, all of which are considered and supported through our tailored course design and lesson plans.

  • Explorers (grades 2+3) learn through discovery. At EXPLO Mini, they are given the freedom to investigate, poke around, and figure out how things work. Our Explorers are creative, imaginative, and enthusiastic about learning. Paint your masterpiece, cook up some fresh ideas, or create a constellation. Dig into subjects from art and science to baking, engineering, and team building — and discover what excites you about learning and about life.
  • Pioneers (grades 4+5) are obsessed with the “how” of the world — how to solve a mystery, how to make LEGOs move, how to draw in 3D. Pioneer courses and activities emphasize hands-on demonstrations, labs, and structured play. Learn about the flow of electrons through a game of tag, or go on a treasure hunt.
  • Voyagers (grades 6+7) like the “how,” but they are super interested in the “why.” Voyager courses balance hands-on learning with discussion that allows students to explore their discoveries in relation to other aspects of their lives.

At EXPLO Mini, you’ll interact with the world in ways you never imagined possible. In each of our EXPLO Mini courses, hands-on lessons and activities offer introductions to the subject at hand, and give our students a chance to experience a topic from the inside. Try something new! Test your trebuchet skills in a medieval battle. Tinker with and test your own inventions as an engineer. Stage an art show in our gallery or solve a crime in our classroom court. What you discover might just amaze you.

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EXPLO Mini or EXPLO at Wheaton?

The main differences between EXPLO at Wheaton and EXPLO Mini are variety and community.

EXPLO at Wheaton emphasizes choice, variety, stepping outside your comfort zone, and making deep connections with students from around the world. Because the program is longer — and because most day students stay into the evening and on the weekends — their connections to other students and staff are deeper than what can be accomplished at EXPLO Mini.

Check out our Comparison Chart for more details.