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EXPLO Mini vs. EXPLO at Wheaton

A Whole New Experience

EXPLO at Wheaton emphasizes choice, variety, stepping outside your comfort zone, and making deep connections with students from around the world. EXPLO Mini students get a taste of the broader EXPLO community, with limited options but the magic of the EXPLO experience.

Day Student Comparison Chart

EXPLO Mini EXPLO at Wheaton
Program Length One-Week Sessions Three-Week Sessions
Age Levels Voyagers (Grades 6+7)
Pioneers (Grades 4+5)
Explorers (Grades 2+3)
Voyagers (Grades 6+7)
Pioneers (Grades 4+5)
Academic Options Pioneers and Voyagers:
1 Course and 1 Workshop
1 Course and 1 Mini Activity
Pioneers and Voyagers:
3 Courses and 3 Workshops
Activity Options (Each Day) 1 Activity Period 1-2 Activity Period(s)
Interaction with International Students Limited

EXPLO Mini students meet and attend classes with other students in their program. The EXPLO Mini schedule does not provide extended interaction during the day with EXPLO at Wheaton or International students.


EXPLO at Wheaton day students interact with residential students in meaningful ways during courses, workshops, activities, main events, trips, and during Quad Time.

Early Drop-Off As early as 7:30 a.m.
Program Hours 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Late Pick-Up As late as 6:00 p.m. As late as 8:45 p.m.

EXPLO at Wheaton day students are encouraged to stay for evening activities, main events, and trips.

Evening and
Weekend Trips
N/A Optional

EXPLO at Wheaton day students are encouraged to participate in weekend and evening trips.

Overnight Opportunities N/A Two Nights Each Week

Many EXPLO at Wheaton day students spend the weekend at EXPLO, combining a weekend trip with a Friday or Saturday overnight

Lunch and Snack Included in Tuition
Breakfast and Dinner Available
Bus Service Available for 2019
Late Night Express
Bus Service
N/A Available for 2019

Late night express bus service available Monday through Friday, with departure after the main event.

EXPLO at Wheaton: Our Flagship Program

At EXPLO at Wheaton, day students experience everything EXPLO has to offer over the course of three fun-filled weeks. Students explore a wide variety of subjects selected from more than 70 hands-on courses and workshops, make friends with students from over 40 states and 70+ countries, try out new and interesting activities every day, and have the option to arrive early for breakfast, stay late for each night’s Main Event, attend weekend trips with the program, and even sleep over on campus for two nights each week.

EXPLO Mini: One-Week EXPLO Samplers

EXPLO Mini is like a sampler of our three-week EXPLO at Wheaton program: it’s a taste of what attending EXPLO at Wheaton is like, but at the same time is really a condensed learning experience unto itself. Pioneers (grades 4+5) and Voyagers (grades 6+7) take one course and one workshop alongside their EXPLO at Wheaton peers. Courses are selected from a limited number of options (one to three) each week, but are a great introduction to the kind of active, hands-on, multi-disciplinary learning we champion at EXPLO.