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2018 Workshop Listings

Ready to plan your EXPLO at Yale Experience?

At EXPLO, we believe learning mirrors life — full of questions, tensions, and worthwhile digressions in an ever-changing world.

In the afternoon, students choose between two academic options: Workshops or Princeton Review.

Students who choose the workshops option enroll in two workshops per session. Similar to course registration process, you will select and rank your top six (6) preferences of W300-numbered workshops. The first workshop will meet on the first seven days of the program and the second will meet over the final seven days of the program.

Download the 2018 Course & Workshop Listings (PDF) for course numbers, selection tips and more.

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Workshop Guide

Acting Workshop

DIY Workshop

Djing + Turntable Instruction

Film Editing
(Extended Period)

Hip-Hop Dance

Modern Dance

Sketch Comedy

Stage Makeup


Basketball for Boys

Basketball for Girls

Crew ($300)
(Extended Period)


Flag Football
(Extended Period)


Plyometrics + Speed Training

Soccer for Boys
(Extended Period)

Soccer for Girls
(Extended Period)

(Extended Period)

Track + Cross-Country Running (Extended Period)

Ultimate Frisbee
(Extended Period)

Yoga + Meditation


Business Negotiations

Event Planning

Game Theory Workshop


Interview Skills

Personal Finance

Team Building +
Leadership Skills

Apocalypse Management

Human Rights in Conflict Zones

Human Rights: Gender Issues

International Crisis Management

Criminal Psychology Workshop

Gender Studies

Psychology Of Harry Potter

Psychology of Relationships

Reality TV: A Closer Look

Sociology of Popular Culture

Stress Management Techniques

Utopias + Dystopias

Chemistry Lab
(Extended Period)

Forensic Science Workshop

Heart Science
(Extended Period)

Marine Biology
(Extended Period)

Red Cross First Aid, CPR/AED Certification ($50)

Surgical Interventions Workshop
(Extended Period)

Admission Essay Strategies

Short-Form Creative Writing

The Art of Storytelling

Plan Your EXPLO at Yale Experience

At EXPLO at Yale, you’ll enroll in two workshops for each three-week session. Our recommendation? Take something you love and something you’ve always wanted to try (but haven’t yet had the chance to explore). With more than 100 courses and workshops to choose from, you’ll want to take some time to compare options.

Download our 2018 Course + Workshop Guide for:
- Course listings by academic period
- Course and workshop numbers for registration
- Course selection tips