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Marketing in the Digital Age

Outstanding marketing is at the heart of every successful business. Learn to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that stretches from customer research to building a brand identity to digital strategy.

A brand doesn’t sell products. It sells an idea — an identity — that imbues its product with meaning. And behind every brand is a company that has first crunched the numbers on its target audience, knowing where, when, and how to reach them. In this course, learn the art and science of marketing. Explore trends in digital marketing strategies, learning how to build a tailor-made strategy that will deliver a strong return on investment for your client. Learn about search engine optimization, content marketing, the importance of social media, as well as what makes a campaign “sticky.” After you’ve built your foundational marketing skills, work on a marketing project for a professional client, with final teams selected to present their pitches directly to business executives.

Note: Students are required to bring a laptop or notebook computer that can connect to the internet wirelessly.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is ideal for students eager for experience in the both the creative and the analytical ends of the business world. You’ll rely on visual arts, brand development, and data analysis to create a compelling narrative that differentiates a client’s products or services within their respective market.

Advisors + Past Speakers

  • Christine Hauer, President + Founder of HiFive
  • Sima Sistani, Co-founder + COO, Houseparty
  • Sarah Law, CEO, KARA Handbags
  • Vicente Caride, Senior Director of Digital Experience, Johnson & Johnson
  • Natalie Wilson, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Country Music Association
  • Nicole Chang, Stanford School of Business Advisory Council Member + Global Consultant
  • Evan Mager, Senior Director of Creative Strategy, Salesforce
  • Jon Chang, IBM Watson Product Marketer + New York University Lecturer
  • Mike Volpe, Angel Investor + Startup Advisor

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Course Highlights

  • Create Brand Identity

    Work with a brand to define why they matter. Build an identity and create a narrative that consumers can connect to and find meaning in. Workshop strategic positioning statements, messaging, and proof points.

  • Marketing Mix (4Ps)

    Analyze Price, Product, Promotion, and Place for several brands, using the 4Ps to create a brand identity for a new product.

  • Market Research

    Use data to develop your marketing campaigns, bolster sales, and hone in on the wants and desires of consumers.

  • Career Exploration

    Careers in marketing span the spectrum from creative directors, to brand strategists, to writers, to analysts. Explore the myriad options and how you can might launch a marketing career.

My favorite part of the course was the fact that we had a project to work on and a goal. It really drove me to do my best in the class and I was always excited to go because I knew there was real work to be done.

Advisors + Past Speakers

Christine Hauer

President + Founder of HiFive

Christine Hauer is the president and founder of HiFive, a social skills and networking consulting company that has been featured in Bloomberg and Fast Company. In that role, Hauer works as a coach for those looking to gain better networking and social skills. Hauer also serves as the “Culture Champion” at the award-winning creative communications agency Praytell.

Sima Sistani

Co-founder + COO, Houseparty

Sima Sistani is the co-founder and COO of Houseparty, “the app winning over Generation Z with spontaneous togetherness.” Houseparty is a social networking app that connects up to 8 people simultaneously through video chat. The app is finding its success in offering an authentic way for young people to connect with one another. Prior to launching Houseparty, Sistani worked at Tumblr as Head of Media and at Yahoo! as Director of Business Development and Strategy.

Sarah Law

CEO, KARA Handbags

Sarah Law, named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30, founded and serves as a designer at KARA, which launched in 2013 as a line of handbags that quickly became popular with celebrities and Instagram personalities. Law’s is a typical startup story—she started KARA with her own money in her living room and was later invited to take part in the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Incubator, a program that helps to support and grow the next generation of great designers.

Vicente Caride

Senior Director of Digital Experience, Johnson & Johnson

Vicente Caride is a Senior Director of Digital Design experience for Johnson & Johnson. Caride has extensive knowledge of user experience and interaction design, strategy, and innovation in online and mobile apps. Caride previously served as a Senior Director and Head of Strategy and Design for CVS Health. He is a graduate of Wesleyan and Parsons School of Design and has completed graduate coursework at the Yale University School of Art.

Natalie Wilson

Senior Marketing Coordinator, Country Music Association

Natalie Wilson is the Market Research Coordinator for the Country Music Association. Prior to joining the CMA, Wilson worked at Taylor Global, a PR and marketing agency in New York City, where she was a part of campaigns for P&G, Taco Bell, and Nestle. Wilson has a background in multiple consumer categories with a particular interest in millenials in sports and lifestyle spaces.

Nicole Chang

Stanford School of Business Advisory Council Member + Global Consultant

Nicole Chang is a branding and global expansion strategist who has served in leadership positions at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and Stanford Business School. An entrepreneur in her own right, Nicole has co-founded several companies, is involved in the international art market, and recently produced a short film about Stanford GSB graduates in China.

Evan Mager

Senior Director of Creative Strategy, Salesforce

Evan Mager is the Senior Director of Creative Strategy at Salesforce, a leading customer relationship company. In this role, Mager Oversees all operations functions within the Creative, Brand, and Solutions organization. Previously a strategy director at Eleven, Inc., Mager is a recognized expert in marketing, with a particular interests in brand strategy, business to business marketing, young adult marketing, and quantitative research.

Jon Chang

IBM Watson Product Marketer + New York University Lecturer

Jon Chang is an award-winning digital, growth, and product marketing specialist, as well as a recognized global educator and keynote speaker. A product marketer at IBM, Chang also serves as an adjunct faculty member of social media and web analytics at NYU. With experiences working at Kickstarter, Stack Overflow, and Makerbot, Chang draws on a wealth of knowledge when speaking around the world about modern marketing.

Mike Volpe

Angel Investor + Startup Advisor

Mike Volpe is the CEO of, a travel website that combines technology and data with a human touch. Previously he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Cybereason, a global cybersecurity SaaS company. He was also a founding team member at Hubspot. Volpe is an advisor or investor in more than 30 startups, and a member of the Validity board of directors.