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English for Speakers of Other Languages

Improve all aspects of your English—speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension—through in-class projects, small group outings, and countless opportunities for casual conversation.

Ready to improve your English? Pick up your pen and your EXPLO issued iPad Mini—yours for the duration of the course—and get started. Hone your written and spoken English skills through class projects and writing assignments. Experiment with writing informally for peers and writing academically for professors, challenging your knowledge of sophisticated English grammar, and creating language goals. Sharpen your speaking skills by delivering speeches, creating conversations for different audiences, and spending time getting to know American students on campus. Study undergraduate college applications for American colleges and universities and work on crafting a strong entrance essay. Through in-class critiques and special one-on-one instruction and plenty of casual conversation, receive important critical feedback. Take your written and spoken English to the next level and enhance your success as a potential undergraduate student in America.

There is a $600 fee for this course, per session.

Optional: EXPLO offers a variety of special sessions that include learning strategies for becoming an international undergraduate student in the U.S and developing more sophisticated writing styles. To further your exploration of English, you may sign up for these opportunities once you are at the program.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for students who want to increase their proficiency in all areas of English — reading, writing, speaking, and listening — and their familiarity with American culture. Students interested in attending an American boarding school, college, or university will find this course very helpful. Please note that students who attend a school with a curriculum primarily based in a language other than English will need to schedule an interview with EXPLO as a part of the admissions process so that we may assess English speaking abilities and ensure that students are able to fully participate in the program to which they’re admitted.

Advisors + Past Speakers

  • Don McMillan, CEO of McMillan Education

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Course Highlights

  • Personalized Instruction

    Focus on the areas in which you need additional support. Whether it’s aural comprehension, writing, reading, or speaking, you will have plenty of time to work on your own goals on your own English learning path.

  • Writing for Multiple Audiences

    Share your written thoughts in different styles and with a wide range of people. Whether it’s a formal business proposal for an internship, or a quick email to the student government president you’ll learn how to determine the best word choice and syntax to achieve your goal.

  • Small Group Outings

    Take advantage of the sights and sounds of Yale and all that New Haven has to offer while you dine and discuss current events or stroll through the Yale Art Gallery with members of your class. Enjoy plenty of opportunities to practice both listening and speaking while having fun in a top American university town.

  • Situational Conversations

    Learn about the intricacies of American friendships and relationships by role playing different conversations based on the people involved and their connections to one another.

I came to EXPLO not very good at English, and that presented itself initially as a challenge. But I have used my willingness to learn English to help me make many friends here. My English has improved drastically, and I think I could say this is because I turned a challenge into a tool.

Advisors + Past Speakers

Don McMillan

CEO of McMillan Education

Don McMillan, CEO of McMillan Education, is regularly quoted as an expert on education in major publications such as The Boston Globe and The New York Times. Along with his wife Sarah, Don manages the team of McMillan educational consultants and works directly with families across the country and throughout the world in school and college planning. Additionally, Don is an award-winning and widely published writer with his work appearing in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Don is a Vice President and sits on the Board of Directors of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the industry’s governing body and provider of professional development, training, and guidelines for ethical practices. He also serves on committees for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).