Wilderness Survival Course - EXPLO

Get Out Alive!

Wilderness Survival

Stranded on an island with nothing but the wreckage from your crash, learn skills to survive and escape.

We’re stranded! On an island! With nothing except the wreckage from our crash! But panicking won’t get us anywhere, so let’s get to work. First, we’ll have to figure out a way to purify water and cook food. Next, with whatever materials we have handy (rope, tarp, twigs), we’ll need to build a shelter. A fire too — even though we don’t have any matches. With bears stealing our food and torrential rains destroying our tent, there’s no telling what disaster will strike next. We’ll practice emergency rescue procedures, learn how to treat wounds and diseases, and plot our escape. Whatever it takes to get off this island — a giant raft, Morse code — we’ll learn how to do it so we can get back home safely!

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Course Highlights

  • Build your own first aid kit and then use it to treat simulated wounds

  • Learn how to navigate in nature using the position of the sun and observations of wild moss

  • Depend on a trustworthy team to get you through challenges in the wilderness

  • Practice identifying (and tasting!) safe edible plants in the wild

Learning how to make a homemade water filtration system was really cool. We were turning dirty contaminated water into clear drinkable water and it actually felt like magic the first time we did it. But I also know it’s not magic because I can teach you how it works scientifically.