Secret Service + Security Course - EXPLO

Protect the President

Secret Service + Security

Test out security tactics and learn surveillance techniques as you discover how to protect the President and her family.

In T-minus three days, nine hours, and 41 minutes, the President of EXPLO will land at the airport. Forty-five minutes later, she’ll step onto campus for the first time — and you’ll need to be ready. We’ll start by securing the perimeter (scoping out and fixing potential security breaches around campus), practice using your body to deflect flying projectiles, and learn how to detect a lie or spot suspicious behavior in a crowd. You’ll have to be vigilant — an attack could come from anywhere, at any time. So pick up your sunglasses and earpiece — it’s showtime!

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Course Highlights

  • Scout event locations + prep protected routes of escape

  • Learn how to assess + mitigate potential threats

  • Discover how to protect the President + her family

  • Test out security tactics + learn surveillance techniques

This last week I’ve been in the Secret Service course. It is the best because today we will actually get to protect somebody coming to Final Party. I’ve never been able to do something like this before!