Re-edited Movies Course - EXPLO

Movie Mash-up

Re-edited Movies

Reinvent your favorite movies by changing the stories’ dialogue and sound effects and adding in your own crazy ideas.

Remake Boss Baby into a lost-at-sea adventure where Tim and Ted must find a way to escape. Or change up Despicable Me so the minions are covert CIA agents, acting the part of minions. Our best-loved movies are our favorites for a reason, but sometimes, do you ever wonder if changing up the storyline could make the whole thing better? In this course, we’ll be reinventing our favorite movies, changing the stories’ dialogue and sound effects and adding in our own crazy ideas. SuperCinder: The Stepsisters’ Revenge. A Hipster Toy Story. You’ll create mixed-up, mashed-up stories, and then cut and re-edit a film trailer to tell your tale… whatever ridiculous, absurd, zany tale that may be.

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to compile various clips and to add special effects in iMovie

  • Experiment with diegetic and non-diegetic music to create the desired effect in your own movie trailer

  • Get inspired by mashed-up + remixed trailers made by EXPLO students + professionals alike

  • Showcase your work to the EXPLO community at the world premiere of your original trailer

I think I’ve learned how to help people here. During my Re-edited Movies course we had to work as a group; I already knew about iMovie but my partner didn’t, really. I took a deep breath and, instead of doing it all by myself, I taught her how to use it and suggested what might look good.