Mini Golf Engineering Course - EXPLO

Build a Better Bogey

Mini Golf Engineering

Explore the physics of mini golf as you design and build your own holes based on daily thematic challenges.

Swing a ringer past an asteroid for an intergalactic hole-in-one. Build a pyramid next to Mt. Everest for an epic Wonders of the World showdown. Or design a magic Castle Land where obstacles are moats and drawbridges open on a whim. Ready to build a course that’s out of this world? Designing and engineering a championship mini golf course is no walk in the park. With precise measurements, smooth fairways, and a wild imagination, you’ll take our mini golf course to epic new heights. To change the force and direction of ricocheted balls, test and develop angled “collision” walls from different materials. Build an “on-ramp” that requires a balance of force and gravity, or engineer a portal that sends the ball spinning down a corkscrew. Come create a course of difficulty, dexterity, and speed that will have your classmates lining up to tee-off.

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Course Highlights

  • Apply friction strategically as you construct various prototypes to create a balance of challenge and fun

  • Predict “par” for each hole you create based on average shots of your classmates’ testing

  • Calculate and predict the impact of angled walls, loops, ramps, and tunnels on the acceleration of the ball

  • Design and build a mini golf experience for the EXPLO community to play at Final Party!

I really loved getting the chance to make my Star Wars mini golf course! It was really cool to learn how they make real-life mini golf courses and how to be really good at playing on them.