Math Adventures Course - EXPLO

Defeating Dr. Diablo

Math Adventures

Save the planet from Dr. Diablo, as you meet challenge after challenge, each testing your quick wits and problem-solving skills.

The diabolical Dr. Diablo has stranded you and five others on a rock surrounded by a river of flowing lava. All you have is a rope… how will you escape? Fast-forward to another evil setting – a door is locked. Behind the door is a clue you’ll need to escape Dr. Diablo’s fortress. On the floor are hundreds of oddly marked keys and a puzzling equation. You have only one chance to open the door! How will you figure it out? As we strive to save the planet from the nefarious Dr. Diablo, we will be met with challenge after challenge, each testing our quick wits and problem-solving skills. There’s no telling what treacherous task he’ll throw our way next, so we’ll need to think practically and creatively. We’ll use math to solve riddles, unravel mysteries, crack codes, and devise strategies — all as we try to defeat the demented doctor.

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Course Highlights

  • Collaborate to solve puzzles involving perimeter, circumference, volume + more

  • Decipher mathematical clues all around Wheaton’s campus to track down Dr. Diablo’s path

  • Estimate, calculate + integrate various strategies to simplify complex problems

  • Outwit Dr. Diablo by conquering all of his mathematical challenges with your fellow classmates

Teaching at EXPLO is different from school at home. We try a lot of different things, and we get rewarded when we do well. In my Math Adventures class, we get marbles when we solve a problem. When we fill a jar with them, at the end of the week we get a pie to eat. I don’t really even like pie, but it’s so exciting! Sometimes the question is hard, and it takes a lot to solve it, so when you do you feel excited and happy.