LEGO Engineering: Voyager Course - EXPLO

Rig a Robot

LEGO Engineering: Voyager

Learn to use programming software to translate your imagination to your LEGO® NXT robot with just a click and a drag.

Motors? Check. Sensors? Check. Programming software that translates your imagination to your LEGO® NXT robot with just a click and a drag? Check and check. We’ll get you started with the basics, but then it’s up to you and your classmates to work together to construct a solution to some of the world’s tougher problems. Using sensors that respond to touch, noise, color, and light, you’ll have your robots spinning, climbing, and reacting to your every command. We’ll present you with different scenarios (like obstacle courses or timed trials), and you’ll customize your bot to conquer as many challenges as possible. Working together, you’ll program your bot to maneuver through each test while learning how to respond at a moment’s notice. Because as soon as that buzzer sounds, the robot action begins.

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Course Highlights

  • Become an engineer: design, build, test, rebuild + retest

  • Work together, use creative thinking + brainstorm solutions

  • Explore intertwined math, science, tech + engineering concepts

  • Invent, build + program your own LEGO® NXT/Mindstorms robots

LEGO Engineering is the greatest thing I have done here. I built LEGO robots and I got to work together with friends. I have never done anything with engineering before. We built robots that were able to play instruments and they performed at Community Meeting. It was also my first time doing anything with music, too. I felt like I just kept learning and learning. That’s why I liked working in a team — the other students helped me and were very nice to me.