LEGO Engineering: Pioneer Course - EXPLO

May the Force Be With You

LEGO Engineering: Pioneer

Engineer and construct sophisticated machines that help Rey and Finn (and Chewbacca) defeat Kylo Ren — using LEGO® NXT robots.

Your mission: help the Rebel Alliance. Your job: engineer and construct sophisticated machines that help Rey, Finn and Chewbacca defeat Kylo Ren — using LEGO® NXT robots. Perhaps you’ll construct a weapon to combat stormtroopers outside the Millennium Falcon, build a catapult for an Ewok battle on Endor, or develop a harness to save BB-8 from a fall. Whatever the task, you’ll engineer your solutions with Lego motors, gears, and blocks. So snap to it! Come learn to design and program functioning machines as we challenge your problem-solving skills and immerse ourselves in the world of Lego engineering (and the Force).

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Course Highlights

  • Experiment with click-and-drag programming software

  • Build robots that will interact with you + complete specific tasks

  • Problem-solve + innovate challenge scenario solutions on the fly

  • Program + engineer LEGO® NXT/Mindstorm robots

LEGO Engineering helps you to know how hard engineering can be, but how you can problem solve and work with other people. It lets you to actually think about your future as an engineer. There's an activity that we do where one person can only work with their left hand, one with their right hand, and the other person can look at the model but cannot build. Our group was successful.