Introduction to Computer Programming Course - EXPLO

Starting from SCRATCH

Introduction to Computer Programming

Learn how to code simple online games, create interactive puzzles, make original videos, or even program and play unlikely instruments.

Play a piano sonata on a banana (or a tiny drum solo on a bottle cap), create a virtual you that you can command to do your bidding, or design a cardboard game console that’ll work with the video game you create. Using PicoBoards and the Scratch programming platform, we’ll show you how to code simple online games, create interactive puzzles or quizzes, make original videos, or even program and play instruments out of anything you can think of. Want to build an avatar that responds to your every whim? You got it. A basic game that takes you on an adventure quest through space? No problem! With our programming apps and your innovative ideas, who knows just how far we’ll go?

Students in this class will need a parent/guardian to create a Scratch account online for their use during the summer. Instructions will be sent to enrolled students in the spring.

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Course Highlights

  • Use PicoBoards to create computer-world interactions

  • Explore logic-based click and drag programming software

  • Design interactive quizzes + games to share online with your friends

  • Invent brand new ways to make things work

We did our projects on a program called Scratch, which is basically like codes that are put together to make the cartoon move. We did this project where we put Legos together and plugged it into the computer to code and make it move. I liked making my own games on there, and my final project was my biggest accomplishment.