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Hovercraft Heroics

Hovercraft Physics

Welcome to the world of hovercrafts, where air becomes fuel and where a small push forward can send you soaring.

Testing the limits of science… defying the laws of gravity… it’s all in a day’s work for the average hovercraft scientist. Welcome to the world of hovercrafts: where air becomes fuel, and where a small push forward can send you soaring. We’ll study how objects in motion ricochet and move (by applying Newton’s Laws of Motion and Bernoulli’s Principle to pressure and lift) — then you’ll design and build an armada of hovercrafts that can fly, float, and zoom over anything in their path. You’ll construct tabletop-skimming models — to truly understand the mechanics of flight — before graduating to gigantic hovercrafts so big you can ride on them. We’ll have you so pumped, you’ll be floating on air!

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Course Highlights

  • Construct + ride a large hovercraft as you engage in relays, obstacle courses and games

  • Design + construct handheld hovercrafts that you can race against your classmates

  • Study the impact of friction on an object’s motion

  • Test the laws of physics on pressure + lift

EXPLO has so many great options that you can choose from. There’s so many different activities and courses that can broaden your insight on different topics. I thought that it was very hard to choose courses and activities because I liked them all! There are really just a variety that you can do. There are certainly quite a bit of science classes that can prepare me for my future as a possible astrophysicist. There are different topics at EXPLO that represent different branches of science, and as I learn more about these topics, I get to broaden my knowledge and insight. In Hovercraft Physics, I enjoyed learning about Bernoulli’s Principle, and I enjoyed applying different mathematical theorems and laws of motion and applying those to hovercrafts and seeing different branches of science that they could apply to.