Engineering Course - EXPLO

Trash to Treasure


If you like to think and tinker with creative challenges you’re just the engineer we need!

Can you turn a toilet paper tube into a car that will jump a ramp AND protect the egg that it’s carrying — no matter what? Or construct a table out of paper that can carry your lunch? What — you’ve got it covered? Great! Here’s what else we need: design a boat out of cardboard that can carry you across our pool — and back. Or, invent a balloon-powered glider (that’ll win the EXPLO Glider Road Rally.) If you like to think and tinker with creative challenges, you’re just the engineer we need!

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Course Highlights

  • Bring complex scientific theories to life through experimentation

  • Practice critical reasoning skills as you map out issues and figure out solutions

  • Redesign, rebuild, and retest as you find and correct design problems

  • Explore the engineering process of building and testing prototypes

The coolest thing about the classes was how hands on they were. We learned all the mathematical principles behind engineering, but we got to do tons of interesting projects as well to illustrate them in a fun way.