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Emergency Medicine Skills

If you’re curious about a career in emergency medicine, come explore the world of the medical First Responders.

Part doctor, part detective. When the ambulance arrives on the scene it’s up to YOU to quickly identify the problem and get to work solving it. As a medical First Responder, you’ll need all the practice you can get to assess the situation, analyze the signs and symptoms, and implement the necessary support to save a patient’s life. Learn how EMTs and Paramedics treat critical injuries like broken bones or dislocated joints. Understand how your digestive and respiratory systems work – and what to do when they aren’t functioning properly – by constructing your own models. Make time-sensitive decisions and respond to simulated scenarios – you won’t know what you’ll find when you walk into that scene, but you can rest assured you’ll have the knowledge to figure it out. If you’re curious about a career in emergency medicine, ride along with us as we explore the world of the medical First Responders.

Students enrolled in the Emergency Medicine Skills course will not be enrolled concurrently in the EMT + First Aid Skills workshop.

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Course Highlights

  • Practice techniques for proper use of medical equipment such as stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers

  • Analyze simulated signs and symptoms to make informed decisions about pre-hospital care options

  • Learn how to extend scientific knowledge to include empathetic patient care

  • Explore a career in emergency medicine through immersive case studies and role plays

It is awesome that my teacher is a real-life EMT. He taught us how to splint fractures, check pulses, address wounds, and all the cool medical terms in code. I really can’t wait to get EMT certified some day.