Basic App Design Course - EXPLO

Five Stars

Basic App Design

The future is now — if you’ve got big ideas, there’s YOUR app for that.

From fun to functional, apps have changed the way we interact with each other and the world. Whether you’re holding a phone or a tablet, or speaking out loud to a watch on your wrist, there are over 2 million ways to engage, with room for a billion more! If you’ve ever dreamed of developing your own apps, then it’s time to get started. We’ll begin with Design Thinking, where you will identify a problem to solve or a need to fulfill. Next, design your app, considering aesthetics such as background, font choice, layout, use of images and more. Finally, using an intermediate click and drag programming system, you’ll assemble simple conditional and boolean logic sequences to get your own basic app up and running. The future is now — if you’ve got big ideas, there’s YOUR app for that.

Students in this class will need a parent/guardian to create a Google account online for their use during the summer. Instructions will be sent to enrolled students in the spring.

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Course Highlights

  • Explore the basic programming commands used in app design

  • Consider the importance of aesthetics on both form and function in an app

  • Practice building basic entertainment apps that can draw or play games

  • Design your own app and leave the program with the knowledge to continue its development

I learned that I’m pretty good at app design. In the course we did tutorials and then made our own app. I knew I could code before but I couldn’t really code well. The app program we used had a limited amount of options which gave me time to explore the different things I could do thoroughly.