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2018 Course LIstings

Ready to plan your EXPLO at Wheaton Experience?

At EXPLO, we believe learning mirrors life — full of questions, tensions, and worthwhile digressions in an ever-changing world.

EXPLO at Wheaton students enroll in three (3) one-week courses and three (3) one-week workshops per session.

As part of the registration process, you will select and rank your top three (3) preferences of first week courses, second week courses, and third week courses. Students entering fourth or fifth grade should choose among our Pioneer courses, and students entering sixth or seventh grade should select from our Voyager courses.

Download the 2018 Course & Workshop Listings (PDF) for course numbers, selection tips and more.

Download Course and Workshop Listings (PDF)


Acting + Improv

Big Bang Legends™

Particle Physics Challenge

Code Orange

Introduction to Programming

Creating a Kingdom

Building a Medieval Empire

Defeat the Orange Jester

Team Building + Leadership Skills

Defeating Dr. Diablo

Math Adventures

Fantasy Situation Room

Government Conflict Resolution

Hunt for Treasure

Logic + Riddles

Invention Convention

Creative Problem-Solving

Light Up the Lab

Chemistry + Biology

Lights, Camera… Action!


May the Force Be With You

Lego Engineering

Pie in the Sky

Fantasy Baking

Real Monopoly


Sculpt It, Sketch It, Sign It

Visual Arts

Super Secret Spy Society

Spying + Surveillance

Test of Time

History Challenge

Tune In!


Villain’s Verdict

Mock Trial


Forensic Science

Wise to the Rise

Science of Baking

Amend and Defend

Supreme Court + Constitutional Law

Around the World in 80 Ways

Global Challenges

Artist and the Machine

Art and Engineering

Become a Master Chef

Cooking Challenges

Broadway ‘Bots

STEAM & Performing Arts

Build a Better Bogey

Mini Golf Engineering

Build a Nation

Government Simulation Challenge

Build Outside the Box

Creativity Challenges

Castle Under Siege

Strategy + Survival

Computation Competition

Math Challenges

Crimes, Clues + Courtrooms

Criminal Investigation + Prosecution

Drawing Attention

Commercial Illustration

ESOL: Voyagers

ESOL: Voyagers

Finding Patient Zero

Disease Outbreak

Five Stars

Basic App Design

Get Out Alive!

Wilderness Survival

Hovercraft Heroics

Hovercraft Physics

Light + Image

Digital Photography

Medieval Mayhem

Medieval Battle Contraptions

Minecraft Nation

Virtual Government Simulation

Minecraft Sustainable Cities

Urban Planning

Mission: Codebreaker


Movie Mash-up

Re-edited Movies

Picture Show

Light & Shadow Illustration

Protect the President

Secret Service + Security

Ready, Set… Act!

Improvisational Theater

Rig a Robot

Lego Engineering

Seamless Style

No-Sew Fashion Design

Service With a Purpose

Business + Entrepreneurship: Service

Short Circuits

littleBits™ Engineering

Stand Up + Speak

Public Speaking + Debate

Starting from SCRATCH

Introduction to Computer Programming

The Main Event

EXPLO Event Planning

The Way of the DJ

Mixing Music + DJing

This Tiny House

Tiny Home Design & Engineering

Trigger a Reaction

Lab Science

Writer’s Workshop

Creative Writing

Plan Your EXPLO at Wheaton Experience

The courses and workshops at EXPLO at Wheaton are your opportunity to explore talents and interests you’ve always been curious about but never had the chance to try at home or at school. They are designed to be fun, to stimulate curiosity and discussion, and to foster a lifelong love of learning and exploration. Our goal is to engage you (and excite you!) in the learning process.

Download our 2018 Course + Workshop Guide for:
- Course listings by week
- Course and workshop numbers for registration
- Course selection tips