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Explo - Learning Through Exploration

Since 1976, EXPLO has reached
80,000 students from
50 states and 93 countries
around the world.

How to Love Learning

Lan Crofton, Instructor
For faculty member Lan, instilling the joy of learning in students is what teaching at EXPLO is all about. Read more

Soundtrack of Summer

Willem Mudde, Kapellmeister
Music is an essential part of the EXPLO at Wheaton community, woven into the fabric of each day with our kapellmeister at the keys. Read more

Learning Beyond Your Backyard

Charles Frost, Instructor
When you give a child permission to explore beyond their backyard, the adventures they have teach them how to discover. Read more

Makers + Creators

Maddie S., Student
If Maddie can dream it, she can build it. EXPLO is where her brain is ‘pumping with ideas’ — where she finds inspiration to create anything her imagination concocts.
Read more

We Don’t Put Classroom Walls Around Learning

Every day at EXPLO is intentionally designed so that learning doesn’t end when classes do. Each activity, every encounter is an open-ended opportunity for discovery and growth.

Courses +

Our year-round staff works for 10 months every off-season to develop curriculum and programming that will knock your socks off. (Unless you’re in the science lab, where closed-toe shoes are required.)


From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until your head hits the pillow at lights out, every day at EXPLO is jam-packed with courses, entertainment, trips, and fun!

The World in Your Backyard

EXPLO is an international community where students from across the U.S. and around the globe come together to live and learn for three weeks each summer. For day students, it’s an amazing opportunity to meet the world close to home.

  • Dining: Something Green



    Dive into our thoughtful menu that reflects the eating interests and needs of our second graders and seventh graders alike. Accommodating to dietary restrictions and allergies, all we ask is you make sure something green is on your plate — and no, “jello” doesn’t count.

  • Activity: Quiet Reading



    At Wheaton, we make room for moments to slow down. Sit down with a book during afternoon activities for a time of quiet, calm, and independent adventure.

  • Sneaker Activity: Street Luge



    Participate in a Sneaker Activity through the thrill of racing down Wheaton’s campus hilltops by luge: Warning! helmet, knee and elbow pads required.

  • Main Event: Seventh Grade Graduation



    Celebrate a symbolic a rite of passage at 7th-Grade graduation, a ceremony where each student receives a diploma from EXPLO President and Executive Director, Moira Kelly. Don’t forget the ice cream, dancing, and the bonfire that follows!

  • Course: Medieval Battle Contraptions


    Learn about the history of siege weapons through EXPLO-designed trebuchets and catapults — all while keeping in mind factors that shape the physics of momentum.

  • Course: World Cooking


    In World Cooking, roll out dough and mix up filling for cuchvara, a small, savory dumpling typical of Uzbek cuisine.

  • Trip: Harvard Natural History Museum


    Examine fossils from millions of years ago, wander in awe through the Great Mammal Hall, dazzle your senses with geodes and rare minerals, and wonder at Blaschka's glass flowers and sea creatures.

  • Video: Experience EXPLO at Wheaton


  • Course: Engineering


    Take on the challenge of designing a light box from scratch, learning about the relationship between electricity and design.

EXPLO Reinvented the Learning Experience.
We Continue to Do So — Every Day

From the halls of MIT to the minds of curious young people from across the U.S. and around the world, learning through exploration combines an array of experiences — from hands-on courses and workshops to outdoor activities and weekend trips — that transform the way students engage with the world. More than 40 years later, EXPLO continues to reinvent the learning experience. Educators, nonprofits, and corporate leaders alike now seek EXPLO’s knowledge and expertise in engaged learning, critical making, and design thinking to drive their organizations forward.

EXPLO is a place where dreams are made, friendships are born, and uncertainty abolished. It was one of the best experiences in my life.

Say Hello!

For many families, attending an Info Meeting in your local area or on one of our campuses is a great way to get a feel for what a summer at EXPLO has to offer. Meet our Executive Director, Head of Programs, or Director of Admission, ask questions, and get a first-hand feel for our programs.

A Life of Daring and Courage Starts at EXPLO


Program Dates

  • Session One June 24 – July 14, 2018 Residential June 25 – July 13, 2018 Day
  • Session Two July 15 – August 4, 2018 Residential July 16 – August 3, 2018 Day