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Residential Students

Living at Wellesley

Your summer at EXPLO will be as full as you make it. You have the chance to design your days to look just how you want them — from choosing the subjects you’ll explore to what you’ll try for dinner — and the opportunity to explore every facet of campus life.

Living on the campus of Wellesley College is not only a lot of fun, but also a great learning experience. For many students, EXPLO is their first time living with a roommate, the first time they do laundry on their own, or the first time they’ve had so much choice about how they spend their day. And while you’ll learn what it’s like to live away from home, you won’t be on your own. Your advisors, the staff members who lead your living group, will be with you every step of the way, making sure you’re comfortable, safe, and happy.

Living Groups

As a residential student, you will be placed with a roommate based on your answers to a housing questionnaire. Your new roommate could be from New York, California, France, or Japan, and could easily become your new best friend on campus. You’ll both be part of a living group of approximately 20 students, led by two Residential Advisors who live on your floor, check on you throughout your day, and keep you informed of what’s going on around campus. Consider this your campus family — they’ll care for you as if you were their own.

Staff Support

Our staff’s main priority has always been one thing, and one thing only: you. Staff members, faculty, and administrators are there to help instruct and guide you through your summer experience. Our job is to (gently) nudge you beyond your comfort zone, making sure you get to experience all an EXPLO summer has to offer while feeling as safe and secure as possible in the process. And since we’re as excited to be at EXPLO as you’ll be (once you get here), we’ll make sure every experience is as fun and fulfilling as can be.


At EXPLO, we understand that leaving home for the first time can feel uncomfortable. Our staff works hard with each student to make sure they feel safe, secure, and most of all, at home. For more information, please visit our Safety and Security page.

Telephone Calls

We do not allow students to call home the first week of the program, except in the case of an emergency. Our experience has shown that students need to develop a support system for themselves at the program and that calling home during the first week often makes the transition away from home more difficult. Parents are encouraged, of course, to contact the program at any point during the summer to learn how their children are doing. We cannot call a child to the phone, but if parents would like to call and leave a message for a child, the message will be delivered with the daily mail.