Wilderness Survival Course - EXPLO

Wilderness Survival

Stay alive in harsh outdoor conditions, using skills survivalists employ when faced with the most extreme conditions in the world.

Learn to outwit the wilderness, and see where your skills take you. Test your team’s survival skills as you build shelters to stay dry, construct tools for hunting, start a roaring fire from mere sparks, and navigate the wild terrain with self-made maps. Each locale will come with its own unique challenges and unforeseen dangers — a blizzard one day, a poisonous snake the next. Take on nature’s obstacles and see how long you last.

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Course Highlights

  • Signaling

    Communicate with people far away using flashlights, mirrors, or found objects to transmit your message. Apply the basics of Morse Code, start a fire to show your location, or employ other signaling methods to get help when you need it.

  • Wilderness Survival Simulations

    Practice survival techniques in a variety of scenarios as you simulate conditions ranging from the sweltering Sahara to a deserted island in the South Pacific. Take the lessons you’ve learned and work with a team to develop a simulation for others.

  • Orienteering and Navigation

    Experience getting lost in the woods with only a compass, a map, and your survival team. Measure your pace length and hone your map-reading skills so you can navigate back home through the wilderness without a GPS.

  • Constructing a Shelter

    Create a sturdy shelter to weather a storm and survive even the most formidable conditions. Use materials like tarp, rope, and sticks to build a shelter that will keep you protected and well-insulated.

Activities that prepared me for survival situations will help me beyond EXPLO. Knowing what to do when someone gets hurt or when a natural disaster strikes can save lives.