Molecular Gastronomy Course - EXPLO

Molecular Gastronomy

Emulate the work of cutting-edge master chefs who experiment with science to create their avant-garde modernist cuisine.

Learn to make vegetables sous-vide to compare how this process transforms both taste and texture in surprising ways. Bake molten chocolate lava cakes to analyze the process of heat diffusion in creating a rich decadent treat. Investigate how to use spherification to transform juice into small bursts of flavor and delight guest diners with an unusual dessert spaghetti made completely out of fruit purée. Blend classic culinary traditions with novel scientific techniques as you introduce your tastebuds to a unique gastronomical experience.

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Course Highlights

  • Collaborate, Ideate, + Execute

    Work with your team of culinary innovators and challenge yourself to develop something completely unique. Apply a combination of molecular gastronomy techniques for a culminating dish that will be both strikingly unusual and incredibly delicious.

  • Spherification Analysis

    Create spheres of fruit juice and chocolate milk that burst in your mouth. Test two different methods to see which one creates the most delicious poppable treat.

  • Powers of Yeast

    Experiment with various methods of mixing yeast to see how it lightens and lifts breads and carbonates sodas. Create your own yeast, in the form of a sourdough starter, for a homemade way to leaven your next sour loaf.

  • Aeration

    Make a quintessential molecular gastronomy showstopper: foams. Turn regular flavors into light and airy treats to top your entree or dessert.

  • Sous Vide

    Use a temperature-regulated water bath to perfectly boil an egg, heat a steak to your ideal doneness, or concentrate vegetable flavors by cooking a food in its own juices.

Learning about the way food is created through science will help me improve my cooking in an efficient way. Instead of trial and error I will be able to make amazing food.