Experimental Engineering Course - EXPLO

Experimental Engineering

Uncover the physics of the world around you by designing, building, and testing a variety of ambitious projects.

Take on the role of a partner in an engineering design firm and harness the principles of gravity, centripetal and centrifugal forces, and conservation of energy to bolster the strength of your designs. You may build a scaled skyscraper that will withstand simulated hurricane-force winds, or construct a model for a looping theme park roller coaster that will keep riders safe while delivering the thrill they crave. Experience how engineers and physicists transform seemingly impossible challenges into life-changing realities.

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Course Highlights

  • Engineering Design Process

    Harness the design process to approach problem-solving in a whole new way. Design, test, analyze, and repeat to hone your solution and find the best way to fix the problem at hand.

  • Roller Coaster Construction

    Apply centripetal and centrifugal forces to create a roller coaster, complete with loops, drops, and turns. Test your ride with marbles to see how they fly around the track.

  • Creative Collaborations

    Work with your fellow engineers to tackle each new challenge. Build on your teammates’ creativity to discover novel solutions and ideas.

  • Save the Town!

    A town is about to be flooded by a bordering river and needs help to protect its residents. Design a project to save this town: You might use circuitry to create a water wheel, generating electricity and redirecting the river flow, or you might use Newton’s Laws to build a strong retaining wall to keep the water at bay. The choice is yours, and time is of the essence.

This class is 5000 times more interesting [than school] and I learned more than a full year of school in one hour. I loved learning about engineering and the structures that we live with every day, and learning about things that could help make them stronger and last longer — this could be a future job interest for me.