Espionage + Deductive Reasoning Course - EXPLO

Espionage + Deductive Reasoning

Expose the secrets of history’s most cunning spies as you train in surveillance techniques, encryption, and code-breaking.

Join the ranks of an elite spy organization, continuing the generations-long tradition of staying one step ahead of scheming miscreants everywhere. As you work through intense simulated missions and clandestine subterfuge, you’ll reinforce your strategic problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and critical analysis skills to undermine the efforts of your traitorous enemies. Split into teams and infiltrate your challengers’ headquarters as you uncover classified information. Stiawa noissim tsrif ruoy!

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Course Highlights

  • Orienteering

    Use a compass, measure your pace length, and find your way to secret locations on campus. Hone your map-reading skills so that you can navigate to a secret location and hide a message in your surroundings.

  • Encryption + Decryption

    Master the art of writing and breaking codes such transpositions, Caesar’s Code, Acrostics, and Bifid Ciphers. Challenge your fellow spies to decrypt difficult codes you’ve created yourself.

  • Secret Messages

    Practice your theatrical abilities by taking on a convincing, new identity that will help you execute your mission. Use spy techniques such as invisible ink, coded messages, and drop locations to send confidential messages to your fellow spies.

  • Final Mission

    Test your spy prowess by creating a final mission for your fellow spies, which will require all of your cunning and problem solving skills.

This class is very different from normal classes because we get to learn and practice codes/cyphers instead of writing in English. We also get to challenge ourselves with patterns, colors, codes, etc. instead of having to write. I loved this course!