Criminal Investigations Course - EXPLO

Criminal Investigations

Uncover the real-life techniques used by professional criminal investigators to help solve a series of simulated cases.

Review evidence to identify an initial group of suspects. Seek out informants to reveal new leads for the ongoing investigation. Learn to read a person’s body language to discern the truth of your suspects’ statements. Obtain the necessary warrants for search and seizure, practice strategies for criminal questioning, and finally narrow down the list of suspected criminals. Once you have apprehended the suspects, you will use the Reid technique to snare a confession out of the guilty party. With strong evidence in hand, close the investigation with a rock-solid conviction and the tools to take on your next case.

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Course Highlights

  • Suspect Interrogation

    Use the Reid technique to craft a series of interrogation questions and interrogate suspects in real time. Analyze your results and impressions to reveal whether you’ve discovered or distorted the truth.

  • Evidence Collection

    Collect and record evidence from a mock crime scene. Use official documentation procedures to ensure evidence can be referenced throughout later stages of the investigation.

  • Fingerprint Analysis

    Lift fingerprints from a variety of objects, using forensic techniques to obtain the cleanest print. Compare samples against a series of similar prints to identify a probable suspect.

  • Crime Investigation Stages

    Walk through each stage of a crime, from the first response through the case entering court. Discover the people and systems involved, and how investigators, police, and the court system interact to ensure that justice is upheld.

Learning about the fingerprinting process and seeing first-hand the Wellesley town jailhouse [will help beyond EXPLO] if I want to go into a field tied to police or the legal process. This class is different from other classes in school or other places because it is informative yet fun and very collaborative. Also the class allows me to ask questions and collaborate with others on what the answer may be.