Computer Programming Course - EXPLO

Computer Programming

Learn to code with Processing, an easy-to-learn programming language designed by the MIT Media Lab.

Processing lets you create images and integrate on-screen interactivity far more easily than is possible in Java or C languages, while at the same time teaching you logic and syntax fundamentals that apply to all programming languages. Think of it as an interactive sketchbook — one that lets you draw complex shapes and figures, incorporate keyboard and clicking functionality, and animate short action sequences. You can make a digitized, pixelated image of your face, a raceway with cars whizzing by, or a colony of honeybees that swarm to your mouse. With Processing, you will have a foundational tool to transform your ideas into eye-catching visuals.

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Course Highlights

  • Lifesize Graphing

    Plot your classmates as points on a lifesize graph to understand how computer graphing differs from mathematical graphing.

  • Functions and Scale

    Design visual icons to represent the integral computer programming concept of functions.

  • Culminating Project

    Select an ambitious final project based on the programming skills you’ve acquired. With the concepts you’ve learned throughout the week, you’ll take your creative ideas and turn them into something an audience can interact with and enjoy.

  • Program the Teacher

    Guide your instructor to apply sunscreen in a step-by-step manner to understand why computers need specific instructions. The results of this exercise are illuminating—and often hilarious.

EXPLO made code development accessible. At times, it felt like I was reading and writing in my native language, which I didn’t expect when I initially enrolled in the class. For a skill that is in high demand right now, I’m excited to know that coding can actually be incredibly fun and creative.