Conceptual Video Game Design Course - EXPLO

Conceptual Video Game Design

Inspired by innovative mechanics introduced throughout the last generation of video games, produce a comprehensive design document ready to be pitched to prestigious game studios.

Explore the history of video gaming, from Atari to VR, tracking the evolution of game design. Armed with research notes and a team of co-designers, you will plan and generate your original Game Design Document. What is the plot? Who are the characters? What makes your game unique? Your proposal will include level mock-ups, character sketches, novel mechanics, and user interface designs. When you’re done, you’ll practice your pitch in an effort to create the next best-selling classic.

Note: This is a conceptual video game design course. Students will not create playable video games or do any computer programming.

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Course Highlights

  • Iterative Design

    Playtest and polish as you create a variety of games. Identify weak points of play and make adjustments while holding true to your initial vision.

  • Future of Gaming

    Examine the current state of gaming and the technological advancements, like virtual reality, that will continue to redefine the gaming experience.

  • Storytelling

    Create a cast of characters and build a world that seamlessly integrates the core gameplay mechanics.

  • Player-centric Design

    Discuss how games are are designed with player experience in mind. Develop rules that challenge players and make them excited to replay your game.

It was really cool to have an idea for a video game and instead of just talking about it, I was actually drawing it out and building it from scratch. It was really fun to see my characters come to life.